Bold. Bright. Colorful.

What words spring to mind when you think of your kitchen? 

If you’re ready to repaint your kitchen but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

We get it. It’s not like painting a bathroom, the smallest place in the house that you don’t spend a lot of time in. Your kitchen is the headquarters of your house. 

Here is the ultimate guide to kitchen paint and choosing colors you’ll love. Read on.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting with blue island and gray cabinets
Paint the island with a splash of color

Look Around

What rooms can you see from the kitchen? The other colors you see from the kitchen should coordinate with the paint in the kitchen. If they are too different, the effect jars you as you go from one room to the other.

Making a home coordinate with itself and also not be monotone is a challenge. Look through magazines and go on home tours. The more examples of great interior design you see, the easier you’ll know what you want for your own abode.

Do you have natural light in your kitchen–maybe a breakfast nook or a big window? Place darker colors and accents there, so that it minimizes the darkening of the room.

In the end, think about what’s important to you and go with that. You can be as trendy as you want with paint colors, but if you can’t stand what you chose, you’ll hate spending time in the kitchen. Pick a color you love that you won’t get tired of.

Open floorplan kitchen
Tying the kitchen in with the rest of house is key in an open floorplan

Try A Sample… Or Ten

Start your paint journey with paint chips. Sometimes you can look through an entire fan deck of paint colors, although you may prefer to choose a few colors if having too many options overwhelms you.

You aren’t limited to only one color. You can pick multiple colors and be creative with them. Remember your cabinets… some people paint the insides and remove the doors, or swap them for glass doors. Some people paint the outsides of the cabinets, or make them two-tone with one color for the inset and one for the frame.

It’s a good idea to get paint samples in different shades, then try them next to each other on an empty space of the wall. Live with them for a few days, and look at them while you’re cooking. What do you like best?

Your walls should be appealing and make you want to spend time in the kitchen. Use samples to your advantage and take your time deciding.

Neutral kitchen paint colors

Plan Out the Other Decor

There are other parts of the kitchen that are easy to change. No matter the budget you’re on, you can spruce things up or do a full overhaul.

One easy way to modernize a kitchen is changing the hardware on the cabinets. If you’re going for a clean, fresh minimalist look, painting everything white and installing simple hardware can give it just what you’re hoping for. Likewise, you can use hardware to match any new style you’re striving for.

Don’t forget about the curtains. Most kitchens have at least one window, and fabric adds a new texture to work with.

Think of the location and consider how much backsplash the curtains will get. They may need to be a hefty fabric if you’ll be washing them often. Whatever color you choose, coordinate with your paint but use the opportunity to branch out instead of getting an exact match.

You can do a major overhaul if you want to change out lighting, countertops, and floors to go with your paint job. Here are some other ways to change things up and coordinate with your paint:

  • Use organizational systems as part of the decor like mason jars
  • Remove doors (cabinets/pantry) for more visibility
  • Use glass in doors for a transparent look
  • Install larger pieces of art with complementary colors to your main paint color

Maximize your paint choices with your other decor. Choose them at the same time to coordinate the look all the way through the room.

Modern residential kitchen painted blue

Use Color Psychology

Color has been proven to affect mood, and can be used in interior design to great effect. Picking the right color for a room can alter the feeling of space.

Here are some examples of colors and their effects:

  • Light blue is invigorating
  • Neutrals balance (and help other colors pop)
  • Yellow makes people calm and happy
  • Red is warmer and makes people hungry
  • White feels clean and energetic

This way you can cater to people’s needs. For instance, if you want to stimulate appetite for your picky eaters, make them hungrier with a red accent wall.

When you’re early risers and need help waking up in the mornings, white feels fresher and makes your kitchen seem cleaner. It gives energy and wakes you up because of the bright, crisp walls and cabinets.

Consult An Expert

If you still aren’t sure what you want in your kitchen, you can consult an expert. You don’t have to feel ashamed to ask for help, and sometimes an outside perspective is what you need. A color consultant can listen and be supportive while you muddle through the decision-making process.

Don’t guess and risk disappointment. Get the advice you need to make this important decision.

The Perfect Kitchen Paint Job

Choosing a kitchen paint color is no easy feat. Now that you have everything before you, from looking around and getting samples to coordinating with other decor, you can make the best decision for your home.

You can even use color psychology or ask for help from an expert in the business if you still need help picking a direction. At SurePro Painting, we’re here to help.

Schedule a free estimate today to get started on your new kitchen.