Although you probably spend more time in the living room or the kitchen than you do in the bathroom, the design of this part of the house matters just as much as any other.

The bathroom is where you go to practice basic hygiene and to invest some time in mindful self-care, too. This goes for big, spacious bathrooms and small bathrooms alike. No matter how much space you have to clean and care for yourself, your bathroom needs to look and feel just right.

But, small bathrooms do present an interesting challenge. It’s hard to make tight spaces feel welcoming and refreshing when your design opportunities are limited. It’s not impossible, though!

All you really need to turn a basic bathroom into something special is a splash of paint and a few decorations. The key is to get the perfect paint color, then add to your design from there.

Here are all the steps you should follow to find the best paint color for small bathroom redecorating.

1. Consider the Overall Style of Your Home

Just because you want to have a more beautiful bathroom doesn’t mean you need to redecorate your entire house. Rather, you should start drawing inspiration for your bathroom paint color by taking note of the tones and shades you’ve already incorporated into your home.

This is especially true if you’re redecorating the bathroom that connects to your master bedroom or guest bedroom. You want to create a sense of flow and unity. This will not only make it easy on you to start picturing your new bathroom, but it will make the final outcome that much more impressive.

2. Research Current Design Trends

Your home is a good place to start looking for inspiration, but it’s not a bad idea to dig a little further. Take a moment to go online and research current bathroom design trends. See what other people are doing to get the most out of their small bathroom space, and start making a list of the design hacks you’d like to use.

Pay attention to the colors they use on the walls as well as the complementary colors. Notice how some homeowners have conquered the art of bathroom organization and how others have added a personal touch to this often overlooked part of the home.

Is it time to paint the bathroom cabinets? Are they outdated and ready for a more modern look with a painted finish, or is it time to have them re-stained? The finish of your cabinets can have a dramatic effect on the rest of the room.

As you’re doing all of this, start piecing together a common theme for your design. This will help you narrow down your options when you have to make a final decision on paint, bathmats, towels, and everything else.

bathroom paint color samples

3. Test Paint Samples

Speaking of narrowing down your options, have you considered getting paint samples? These are an absolute must when picking out paint. You can also check out some of the color selection options at Sherwin Williams.

It’s one thing to say you want a “creamy tan” color on the wall or a “baby blue.” But, it’s another to figure out the best choice amongst all the tones and shades available to you.

Samples allow you to take note of any glare or mattifying effects that different kinds of paints create when they dry. They also give you a chance to actually see the paint you’re thinking of buying on the walls, instead of picturing it in your head.

To make this step even more beneficial, pick up a few blank canvases. Use these as your samples instead of testing the paint directly on your bathroom wall. This allows you to move canvases around the room with ease, giving you a clearer idea of how one color will look versus another.

4. Pay Attention to the Small Details

Whether you choose to paint samples directly on the wall or to put them on canvases, you have to pay attention to the small details.

Let the paint dry then go into your bathroom and closely examine each sample. Notice how the color of each option changes as the day goes by and different levels of sunlight enter the room. Take note of how artificial light makes each paint color look, too.

Color also can affect mood and alter the energy of a room. Think about how the use of color in the space will make you feel. Color psychology can play a very important role in the style you are going for.

You should also start to think about the other textures in the bathroom. Consider how well one color blends with wood floors and granite counters versus how another may look with bathroom tiles and metal accents.

Modern bathroom remodel paint color

5. Get Creative

Here’s an interesting thought: instead on trying to find the single best paint color for a small bathroom, why not use two or even three paint colors? It never hurts to add some color to your world.

This will take a bit more time to plan and execute, but it could be just what your small bathroom needs. Dual-toned walls open up rooms. They play a trick on the eyes that makes a space seem bigger than it actually is.

Such a design approach gives you more room for creative expression, too. It gives you a chance to play with home decor styles in a way that you may not have thought about before. Not to mention, this can make it easier to tie your new bathroom in with the rest of the house.

Finding the Best Paint Color for Small Bathroom Remodels Made Simple

As important as it is to have a clean, beautiful bathroom, it’s not something you need to stress yourself out about. Keep this in mind as you go through each step of your design process.

From finding the best paint color for small bathroom remodels to choosing the right flooring and accent pieces, the best way to create something amazing is to take on this project calmly.

Go through it step by step rather than rushing your design choices. Take a break if you need to, and don’t be afraid to ask for help, either.

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