The accent wall has been trendy for over a decade now, so it has some people wondering if the trend is here to stay or if it’s going to pass. After some research on the topic, we’ve come to the conclusion that the accent wall is very likely here to stay; it’s a matter of personal taste as to whether or not you want to go for it. Many people really just prefer to figure out the color palette for their home and stick with four walls the same awesome color of their choosing.

Where Does The Accent Wall Work?

There are several situations in which an accent wall can make a huge difference to the feel of a space.

  • Transitional spaces – If you have two spaces that come together, accenting a wall can actually differentiate the two spaces quite nicely.
  • Small rooms – a bold accent wall can make a small room feel bigger
  • Kitchens and breakfast nooks – both can call for an accent wall that allows for decor to pop

Accent Wall Design

Some decorators feel strongly that your decor should call the eye, not a wall. However, an accent wall can accent decor as well.

Textured Walls Can Also Do The Trick

Exposed brick, wood, or wall papered walls can add a texture to one wall, creating the accent wall in a different way. Most people are steering clear of wall paper these days as it has fallen from its heyday and is difficult to remove. However, there is such thing as removable wallpaper for a fabulously non-committal way of bucking the trends.

Honestly, as far as trends go, the jury’s not coming to any conclusions soon on the accent wall, but what we can say is that people still choose them and they still look great, creating vibrance, diversity of color, and ambiance in a room. The trend we are seeing, if you want to do some accent walls, is exactly that – some accent walls. Choose a small percentage of rooms in your home in which to go for the accent. Keep most as four color walls within the groove of your color palette.

Ready To Add An Accent Wall To Your Design?

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