Color consulting - choicesSometimes, the tougher part of a project might seem to be the simplest: picking a color. What might be appear to be a straightforward process can be fraught with missteps and double-guessing.

Color is an important component for any remodeled space. A good choice can set a mood and atmosphere, and a poor selection can make everything fall apart. With color consulting, we can help you make the best choices possible.

How We Can Help

While we may not be interior design experts, we certainly have seen our large share of mistakes and excellent choices. Oftentimes, a color choice will be dictated by the style of a room or the environment where it’s located.

Other services - Color consultation

We provide all the tools you need to make the best choice. That includes color fans, sample swatches, and even tester bottles. Our estimators can provide advice on colors that might work for your space, and caution against others that might clash. There is never any extra charge for color consulting.

Always Test The Paint

The final step in selecting a color choice is to use the tester samples and try a few areas on the wall in the project room. It is important to try it on several walls, as the lighting and location of windows can affect the tone dramatically. Look at it in sunlight, and look at it again at night under artificial light. The type of bulb you use can even have a big affect on how a color will look in a room.

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