People are always looking for ways to improve the look of their home. There are many projects to think about and prioritize. When remodeling a home, nothing can make quite an impact like a refurbished kitchen. And kitchen cabinet painting can have an immediate and drastic effect on the look of your kitchen.

Say Goodbye To Your 1980’s KitchenKitchen Cabinet Painting - Dated Kitchen

Ok, there were lots of fun things about the 1980’s… kitchen design wasn’t one of them however. Bland and generic wooden cabinets without drawer pulls seemed to be the order of the day. The great thing about wood is that it can be painted!

A new paint job can make your kitchen cabinets look like new and also extend the life. Just be warned though, a quick and cheap painting job can leave your cabinets looking worse than before you painted them. We use the latest pro techniques to produce a smooth and beautiful finish. We also use the highest quality paints to give you kitchen cabinet painting project a beautiful life while also making them easier to keep clean.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting - Wood Finish and Painted BasesA Whole Palette For Your Kitchen Cabinet Painting Project

White has generally been the go-to color for kitchen cabinet painting. It is still a great choice for many homeowners and can really brighten a kitchen. The modern style has introduced quite a palette to choose from, however, and lots of great color ideas to go with current color trends.

Dark contrasting grays paired with light walls. Light mint green cabinets with white accents, or soft blues and even shades of yellow. The possibilities are endless, and your only limitation is your imagination. If you are looking for ideas, we recommend getting started by checking out 23 Colorful Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Other Ideas For Updating Your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinet painting might have the most dramatic impact on the look of your kitchen. However, here are some other ideas you may consider for updating the style:

  • Adding Cabinet Pulls – Installing some pulls or changing your existing pulls is an easy way to make the style look more current.
  • Install Molding On The Doors –  Smooth-faced and boring cabinet doors can be easily updated by some molding to the front of the doors.
  • Add Corbels To Bottom Of Cabinets – A simple way to alter the style of your cabinets before painting. Don’t know what a corbel is? Here are some corbel ideas to get you started.
  • Install Trim Or Crown Moulding – Consider putting some trim or crown molding on the tops of cabinets, especially if there is space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling.
  • Adding Bead-board And A Chair Rail – Installing bead-board (also called wainscoting) and a chair rail on kitchen walls adds depth and detail. We’ve also seen bead-board used for back-splashes, cabinet doors, kitchen islands, and even ceilings.
  • A Kitchen Island With Contrast – Add bead-board around an island or paint it a contrasting color than the other kitchen cabinets to set it off from the other cabinets.
  • Remove The Popcorn Ceiling – Nothing dates a kitchen or house quite like a popcorn ceiling. Removing the popcorn ceiling from your kitchen is a great place to start.
  • Change The Lighting – This could be as simple as changing the light fixtures in the kitchen. You can also add some can lights, a couple of drop-down pendant lights over a bar or island, or some under-cabinet lighting for dramatic effect.

As we said, the possibilities are endless… for more ideas, browse through the photos at 55 Inspiring Ideas to Update Your Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Painting - Painted Kitchen Island

We Are Kitchen Cabinet Painting Professionals

Remodeling a kitchen is probably the most disruptive project in your house. We get projects done quickly with superb results. We do more than just painting, and offer almost all the services listed above such as trim work and minor carpentry. Contact us to schedule a free onsite estimate for your kitchen cabinet painting project.

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