Your home should be an extension of your personality. It should be an oasis that you look forward to retreating to every day.

That said, does it have a cohesive design? Are there certain trends and color schemes that you gravitate toward? Or, is it a mixup of a few different looks?

There are many different interior design styles to choose from, and they can each give your house a different vibe. Today, we’re sharing 10 of the most common ones to consider for your home.


1. Modern

modern living room with coffered ceiling

While many people confuse it with contemporary style, modern interior design actually originates in the 1920s. Rather than reflecting “of the moment” trends, it’s more closely related to minimalism.

Design experts the modern movement back to famed German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. His style can be summed up as “Less is more”, with prominent features that include:

  • Clean lines
  • Exposed furniture legs
  • Monochromatic color tones
  • Wood, metal, and steel materials

If you find yourself drawn to simple, sleek furnishings with very little clutter or knickknacks, then modern style might be for you!


2. Industrial

industrial style studio apartment

Do exposed beams and piping make your heart sing? Do you feel at home in uptown lofts with brick walls and sky-high ceilings? If so, then you may prefer industrial style. Key elements include:

  • Concrete, metal, and brick features
  • Cool-toned color palette
  • Blend of antique and modern furnishings

Inspired by the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, this design features hardworking materials that are as functional as they are beautiful


3. Farmhouse

farmhouse style kitchen with white walls and wood island

There’s no denying the epic rise of the modern farmhouse style. Even if you live right in the middle of the city, you can transform your interior with rustic, chippy touches that would make Joanna Gaines swoon.

Wondering if this will work for your space? Popular farmhouse decor includes:

  • Shiplap siding (interior and exterior)
  • Weathered wood
  • Repurposed antiques
  • Distressed signs

This style takes certain elements from traditional farmhouses and juxtaposes them with elements of modern design. The result is a fresh spin on an old classic, and today’s homebuyers are buying.


4. Traditional


If something isn’t broke, then don’t fix it. That could be the motto of those who adore traditional home design.

Inspired by French Country and classic European styles, traditional elements are time-honored and refined. They’re also warm and inviting, though they lack the element of surprise. Traditional style incorporates cozy touches, such as:

  • Neutral interior paint colors
  • Rich-toned furnishings (gold, black, silver)
  • Floral upholstery
  • Claw-footed furniture
  • Detailed crown moulding and woodwork

For many homeowners, traditional style is preferable over more dynamic or daring designs.


5. Contemporary

modern white painted kitchen cabinets

Don’t confuse this one with modern. Contemporary style is very trend-heavy and leans toward specific design features that are hot at the moment, such as stainless steel appliances.

Contemporary style might be for you if you prefer:

  • Glass or metal fixtures
  • Neutral, brown-toned color scheme
  • Natural woodwork and fibers
  • Open-concept, airy spaces

Often, this means smooth and sleek lines and a fresh aesthetic. This is a trend that evolves and changes along with public perception, so expect a degree of fluidity.


6. Transitional

transitional modern living room

As you browse interior design ideas, you may notice that there’s one that doesn’t seem to fit into any rigid category. Most likely, it’s a transitional setup.

These spaces don’t lean modern or traditional. Rather, they blur the lines between old-fashioned elegance and contemporary cool.

While a neutral color palette reigns supreme, transitional style isn’t afraid to play with textures and materials. Often, homeowners will incorporate various different kinds to add warmth and dimension to a room.

Other defining elements include:

  • Understated prints
  • Shiny, lacquered finishes
  • Blend of straight and curvy lines
  • Gallery walls and mirrors

This can be an ideal style if you’re renting a space and don’t want to make major changes to the interior. Transitional style is flexible and allows you to make a home your own.


7. Eclectic

eclectic apartment living room interior

Do you love to fill your home with fun souvenirs from all of your travels? Do you enjoy decorating in bright colors and fun patterns, without any real reverence for what others would define as style?

If you’re nodding your head, then consider embracing an eclectic style. Common features include:

  • Layered furnishings
  • Bold patterns
  • Travel-inspired decor
  • Jewel-toned colors
  • Secondhand or vintage furnishings

This is a laidback look that’s meant to seem unintentional and thrown-together, even if it was carefully curated.


8. Hollywood Regency

Red velvet curtains

In one word, Hollywood Regency style is glam. This look is all about evoking the glitz of the Golden Age of Hollywood, which began in the 1930s and lasted until the 1940s.

While minimalism is all about narrowing down your possessions, this style is all about showcasing them. The look might be for you if you love:

  • Shiny gold fixtures
  • Mirrors and metals
  • Plush, velvet, tufted upholstery
  • Bold, over-the-top decorative touches

If you’re a frequent party host who keeps a busy social calendar, then Hollywood Regency ensures that your home is always soiree-ready.


9. Mid-Century Modern

retro interior

Did you swoon over every single Mad Men episode, not for the actors or actresses but for the gorgeous decor? If so, then consider a mid-century modern look for your house interior design.

This style developed after World War II. Here, the emphasis is on:

  • Clean lines
  • Peg-legged furniture
  • Smooth edges
  • Neutral, earthy tones
  • Simplistic, straightforward designs

It borrows some elements from modern style, but is a little warmer.


10. Minimalist

Modern and minimalist interior of living room ,blue armchair with Coral wall and wood floor ,3d render

Were you Kondo-ing your home before that was even a verb? If you prefer to keep your number of possessions low, then you might be a minimalist at heart.

With this style, furniture and decor are sparse and empty space is celebrated. Common features include:

  • Light or monochromatic colors
  • Cool surfaces (metal, glass, concrete)
  • Natural light
  • Neat and uncluttered spaces

You may find that ridding your house of excess items can do wonders for your mental health!


Which of These Interior Design Styles Do You Prefer?

As you can see, there are many different interior design styles. There isn’t a right or wrong one, so have fun experimenting as you figure out which one you like the best.

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