Color has the power to change the shape and size of a room. It also has the power to impact our moods. Have you ever seen a splash of yellow in a home or a cardigan and thought of the word “cheery?”

Color psychology is real and it can turn our houses into cozy homes. From bright pops of red to muted tones of lavender, you can send a message in every room of your home.

Let’s explore some of the meanings behind popular home paint colors…

Home paint colors - Red


Red elevates people’s energy. It’s by far the most intense color.

If you like to stir up fun wherever you go, consider bold pops of red in rooms that are often used like the living room or kitchen.

Allow the energy of the color red to draw friends and family together and create happy memories.

On the other hand, avoid red if you need to bring down the energy (such as in a kids’ room). Since this color can be so intense, you may consider limiting its use to a smaller room or accent wall.

Home paint colors - Yellow


The color yellow mimics the sun’s warming light. Given its energizing properties, it’s also an excellent color choice for rooms that are well-used in the home.

Living rooms and kitchens seem to be especially popular for yellow. There are also many variants of the color yellow, from a soft buttercup to a bright, bold lemon yellow.

It is a color that also is well-suited to rooms with a lot of natural light and evokes feelings of Spring.

Home paint colors - Blue


It’s fairly common knowledge that blue is a calming color.

Think of the soothing powers of the ocean’s waves. To no surprise, soft hues of blue look wonderful in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Imagine laying your head down at night in cloud-soft sheets, bedecked in pretty shades of sky blue.

The same holds true for your favorite form of relaxation – an evening bubble bath. That flickering candlelight will shine brightly atop soft, muted shades of blue.

Home paint colors - Green


Although green is a fan favorite for soothing waves of relaxation, don’t be quick to overlook the color green. As such, it’s a smart choice for nearly any room in the house.

You can trim your kitchen in green, as you prepare salads and blanch broccoli. It’ll pair well with a colorful backsplash filled with Mexican tile or a casual array of white subway tile.

Of course, green’s calming powers will also serve you well in any bedroom or bathroom. It’s a safe, gender-neutral color, when compared to reds and blues. This makes it a popular choice for kids rooms and nurseries.

Home paint colors - Purple


Purple is another exciting option. It points toward elegance and regality. This could make for a fantastic choice in your living room, sitting room, or library.

Dark eggplants can shrink a room if used in large swatches, but feel free to use it as an accent color on the trim or important pieces of furniture.

Lighter shades of lavender have the power to elicit a feeling of calm, just like its family member, blue.

Home Paint Colors to Fill You With Joy

Whether it’s a peaceful shade of blue or a rambunctious shade of red, your choice of home paint colors will change the outward look of a room and the inward joy of your heart.

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