Color can be a very powerful thing. It can shape emotion and inspire, and totally influence your state of mind. Color is one of the defining qualities of the world around us. From the color of a sunset to a tree in the forest, the possibilities are endless. The same is true when it comes to house painting ideas.

Serenity Now! Colors To Achieve Tranquility

We all love to relax when we can. Did you know the color of the room you’re in can affect your mood? Certain paint color combinations can help set your mind at ease, and choosing the right paint color palette can influence how your house feels.

A palette of soft whites and beige neutrals can be understated and create a peaceful and inviting place. Light, desaturated paint colors such as soft blues and grayish-greens can also help achieve a mellow feel. Another calming color palette uses soft greens and light linen colors.

These are some great house painting ideas for a room in your house where you are looking for comfort and relaxation. We also looked at the softer palettes when examining the colors trends for 2017. But what about for a space that is more bold?

Don’t Be Afraid To Be BoldPainting Your Home Changes Everything!

Bold colors can be easy to overuse, but can really make a statement in your home when used well.

Red is usually the first color that comes to mind when we think bold. Red is a powerful color, but does have a softer side as well. From red brick to a soft rose hue, there are a wide range of choices in the red spectrum.

Yellow is another bold color that has really gained in popularity recently. Bright yellows can make a great accent wall or make your kitchen stand out. It is a happy, fun color that will brighten your mood.

Green has been another popular house color in recent years, especially lighter avocado colors. It is also a great interior house paint color. Greens are great for bedrooms and living rooms, and evoke a youthful vibe. In Feng Shui, it is also the color of abundance, prosperity, renewal, and fresh energy.

The color blue is one of our favorites. It is a cool and comfortable color. Dark blues make great accent walls and bold bedrooms. Lighter blues bring calm and are a nice bathroom color or contrast to an accent wall.

House Painting Ideas Kids RoomHouse Painting Ideas For Kids

Let’s face it… most of us end up with lighter, more neutral colors throughout our houses. It’s the safe thing to do. So why not have fun with the kids’ rooms?!

Kids love art, color, and fun. The paint color possibilities are really endless. We have even painted kids rooms with four different colored walls and contrasting trim or furniture. Opposing walls of bright yellow and lime green for instance can make a cheerful space.

Have a kid that already has too much energy? Don’t paint the room red! But just because you need to go with softer hues doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun. For example, gray walls and blue walls pair well together and still give you a calm yet colorful room. Pastels can be fun for girl’s rooms. Peaches, plums, and light greens make for fun combos.

Visualizing Colors

Some people are born with the ability to visualize. Many others are not. Luckily, there are many tools available now which can help us test our house painting ideas.

The most important is getting paint samples. The final color of your room can vary greatly depending on the amount and type of light the room receives. The beautiful blue you chose for that bedroom might look three shades darker once it’s on the walls.

Most paint centers and hardware stores sell small paint tester samples. Paint an area on the wall at least one foot square and look at it during different times of the day. This will give you a good idea of the final color.

A new visualization tool that is available is from our good friends at Sherwin-Williams. It is called the ColorSnap Visualizer. This handy app allows you to try different color combinations on a variety of room scenes. You can also download the app for your iPhone or Android device.

We Can Help With Your House Painting Ideas

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