Did you know that, according to the Texas Demographic Center, the number of households in the state of Texas went up from over 8 million to over 9 million between the years 2010 and 2019? This was a rise of around 14%.

If you’re a homeowner in Texas, you might have noticed recently that there are some issues with your popcorn ceilings or walls in your home. This can be stressful, especially if you’re worried about health hazards.

Fortunately, by opting for popcorn removal, you can ensure that any issues caused by these types of ceilings or walls are no longer occurring.

In this article, we’ll review the reasons why you should opt for popcorn removal in your home.

Finally, you can decide if you want to opt for this change that could improve your home, making it safer and more beautiful. Read on to learn more.

green bedroom after popcorn removal

1. To Improve the Lighting

One of the problems that popcorn ceilings cause is that they can negatively affect the lighting within a room. Because of the bumpy texture of this type of ceiling, light can bounce off of it and end up creating shadows within the room that are harsh.

This can make the room feel a bit harsh. Fortunately, by removing the popcorn and creating smooth ceilings, you can improve the lighting in your home.

2. To Remove the Asbestos Threat

Another issue with popcorn walls and ceilings is that it’s possible that they were made with asbestos. Even though this practice stopped occurring in 1978 because of the passing of the Clean Air Act, this threat could exist if your walls or ceilings were constructed before that year.

Asbestos is especially dangerous in two situations.

These are whether the ceiling has in any way been damaged or whether the ceiling’s interior has been exposed.

If this is the case in your home, then it’s time to remove these textured ceilings with the help of a professional company that will complete the removal safely.

popcorn ceiling with ceiling fan and air vent

3. To Avoid Dirt and Dust

Already, cleaning your home can be quite difficult. Add popcorn walls or a ceiling and this becomes even more of a challenge. This is because this type of texture attracts dirt and dust. To make things worse, it’s a huge effort to have to clean your ceiling from below.

If you remove your popcorn walls and ceilings and replace them, you’ll be able to avoid this problem. In the future, your smooth ceilings and walls will be easy to clean with a simple brush, wipe, or sweep.

Keep in mind, though, that while the popcorn removal is going on, some dirt or dust might come loose.

So ensure you have this work carried out by professionals so you can keep your home as clean as possible during the process.


4. To Prevent Discoloration

Another issue with popcorn walls and ceilings is that they discolor with the passing of time. This can have a negative impact on how a room looks, making it seem dingy instead of inviting and clean. Fortunately, by replacing the popcorn, you can immediately make the room feel welcoming and pristine.


sheetrock patch on garage ceiling before and after5. To Fix Ceiling Damage

Even if you’re careful, accidents can sometimes happen in your home, causing a ceiling to end up with a scrape, mark, hole, or dent. Unfortunately, when you have a popcorn ceiling, it’s difficult to patch it up. The only way you can is by doing an entire replacement of the popcorn.

Such a process can end up being not only lengthy but also expensive.

If you have a ceiling made of a different type of material, it’s much easier and less expensive to fix ceiling damage because you won’t have to replace it entirely.

popcorn removal square6. To Keep the Popcorn From Disintegrating

Another issue with popcorn material is that it eventually begins to disintegrate. When this occurs, you’re likely to notice white flecks falling from your ceiling upon your furniture and floors. If you don’t notice this quickly enough, this can actually damage your home’s surfaces.

For this reason, it’s best to remove the popcorn as soon as possible. Additionally, your home will be more beautiful as it won’t begin to disintegrate.


nursery painted white

7. To Make the Area Have a More Modern Feel

When you’re decorating an area of your home, you have to think about every single aspect of the room, such as the shape, windows, and lighting. But have you stopped to take a look at how the popcorn walls or ceiling might impact the feel?

The fact is, popcorn is a more old-fashioned look. It’s going to look dated no matter what you do.

So if you want a room that has a more modern feel, it will help to replace this material. The area will feel entirely transformed, especially as you add more modern elements.


Need Popcorn Removal Services?

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