SurePro Painting is more than just a painting company. We offer a variety of repair services that complement our painting services. Among those services, sheetrock repair and popcorn ceiling removal are the most commonly requested.

Sheetrock Repair: A Hole In The Wall?

“Things happen” sometimes. The stories we hear about how those holes appeared in the sheetrock are endless. Rowdy kids wrestling in the hallway. Moving a piano a little too far (and a too hard). A homeowner working in the attic and stepping in the wrong place.

We have also seen some pretty bad sheetrock repair jobs. Or rather “attempts”. If you want professional results, your best bet is to hire a professional. We often do sheetrock repair jobs as part of a larger painting project, but we do small projects as well.

Sheetrock Repair Job

A Leak Can Lead To Sheetrock Repair

Water is probably the #1 arch-enemy of sheetrock. A small leak can turn into a big problem as a sheetrock wall slowly absorbs water drip by drip. Wet sheetrock expands and can become a breeding ground for mold if untreated.  New homes might use mold-resistant sheetrock in humid areas such as kitchens or bathrooms, but even they can grow mold if saturated long enough.

The affected sheetrock will need to be removed and the area dried out once a leak has been repaired. In some cases, additional treatment might also be necessary. This is sometimes a good idea even if mold isn’t present.

Once properly dried and repaired, the new sheetrock can be installed, floated, textured, and painted. When done by professionals, a repaired area will blend in well with the surrounding wall.

Installing New Drywall

If you are building a house or addition, installing a new wall or remodeling, you may need brand new sheetrock installed. SurePro Painting can help with these services as well. We can hang walls and ceilings as well as provide finishing services. These include taping, floating, corner bead, and texturing. And we will finish it off with our expert painting services.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Professionals

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