Before any stucco painting projects, it’s always imperative to repair any minor or major cracks or damage. As homes and their foundations shift, stucco can and often does crack. Hairline cracks are nothing to worry about, but any crack you can fit a credit card into should be fixed immediately. Repairing cracks and other damaged areas will ensure that the paint job will look good and last a long time.

Keep Your Stucco Dry

Chronic dampness is a major cause of stucco damage, so make sure when you are watering your landscaping that the water isn’t repeatedly hitting the same parts of the house. Better yet, keep the water from hitting the house at all. Luckily, here in Austin and the surrounding Central Texas areas, we stay pretty dry most of the year. Stucco can last for decades when properly installed and maintained.

Repair cracks before stucco painting

Repair Cracks Before Stucco Painting

We can make any necessary stucco repairs before tackling a stucco painting project. Having a professional take care of this can really make a difference, as shoddy repairs will show through the paint. When this happens, the new updated look you were going for will suffer. We also take care of any caulking or resurfacing that needs to be done, and we do a beautiful job.

If your stucco is new, you typically have to wait 60 days or so for it to cure completely before painting. However, new paint technology allows stucco to be painted much more quickly than before. One of the top products that we use for this application is Loxon Concrete & Masonry Primer by Sherwin-Williams. We will determine the amount of time we should wait before painting after all repairs are completed

Finally, we power-wash your old stucco before we paint. This is an important step to make sure the surface is clean of dirt and debris so the new stucco painting job gets maximum adhesion to the old surface.  Depending on your specific circumstances, we can then decide whether to spray or brush your new stucco paint job.

Stucco painting & texture

Paint Choices For Stucco Painting Projects

We always recommend using high quality paints, especially for exterior painting projects. Stucco surfaces benefit from the increased durability and beautiful look of a superior paint. We prefer products from Sherwin-Williams and Kelly-Moore for our painting projects, and will also use any product our clients prefer.

Our professionals also provide color consultation services to help you in the right direction. As with any painting project, color and texture can have a huge impact on the outcome.



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