Many homeowners want to create the perfect kitchen, the coziest bedroom, and the most relaxing porch and patio area possible. And while these rooms are certainly important, they’re usually not the first parts of your home that guests see — nor are they last. 

When you’re coming up with ideas on how to freshen up your space and make it more inviting, don’t neglect your hallway. 

Hallways are the perfect spots to display family photographs, feature your art collection, or simply to set the tone for the rest of your home’s decor. 

In this post, we’ll tell you how to choose the right colors for painting a hallway, regardless of its shape, size, or lighting. Then, we’ll let you know why choosing the right professionals to paint your hallways is always worth the investment.

Read on to learn how your home’s hallways are small spaces that can have a big impact. 

painted hallway with nook

Focus on the Flow

One of the most important things you need to remember when painting a hallway? Pick shades that coordinate well with the rooms that they lead to. The idea is to make the transition from hallway to room as seamless as possible and to create a sense of balance and flow between rooms. 

For example, it doesn’t make sense to go from a light green hallway to a deep red living room. Instead, try a light blue, a deeper shade of green, cream, or even teal.

If you have wider and taller walls, you can even break up your space to make the transitions between rooms even more seamless. 

You may opt to paint the walls themselves in warm tones like reds, oranges, and yellows, but keep arch and doorway colors neutral to make things pop. 

You can also use crown molding, painted trim, and wainscotting to create the illusion of separate spaces within the hallway.

Depending on the height of your ceilings, you may also want to have them painted in a contrasting shade to make wider hallways look a bit more compact. Placing sconces or wall lamps in the middle of higher hallways also prevents high ceilings from looking too overpowering. 

painting an accent wall in a hallway

Consider an Accent Wall

Perhaps you have a special painting, table, or another piece of furniture or decor that you’d like to make the focal point of your hallway. 

One of the most popular hallways ideas — and one that’s currently gracing the pages of interior design magazines everywhere — is the accent wall. 

It makes everyone’s eyes go immediately to it, and it can make a shorter hallway appear to have much more depth. 

To ensure that the accent wall truly stands out from the rest of the hallway, don’t be afraid to go for a bold color. Shades like deep blue, black, or even bright yellow or pink depending on the rest of your decor scheme work well. 

Keep the other walls of the hallways neutral by painting them in a beige or eggshell shade. 

hallway with natural light

Create the Illusion of Natural Light

Especially if your house hallways in on the narrow side, finding ways to bring light into the space can be a challenge. Your hallway likely doesn’t have very many windows, if any at all — and you may not have room for a floor or table lamp. 

The good news? 

Picking the right hallway colors can help you to create effects similar to natural light. This can brighten up a narrow hallway and even make it appear larger. 

Light greens, blues, purple, and other cool colors will create a feeling of calm and make you and your guests feel right at home. Plus, because these shades reflect light well, your hallway won’t look dark and uninviting.

Another trick to make smaller hallways appear both wider and taller? 

Consider adding a glossy finish to the paint for even more light reflection. You should also aim for a trim color that’s at least two shades lighter than the one you select for the walls. 

If your hallways have plenty of windows, then you can make the space look even brighter by choosing a tan or yellow shade. 

wide painted hallway

Choose the Right Professionals

Many homeowners think they can “DIY” their hallway’s paint job. However, in order to avoid disastrous results — and to ensure that your walls are properly prepared for high-quality paint — it’s really best to go with the professionals. 

Still, not all painting companies are created equal. 

When searching for the right company to give your house hallway new life, look for those with years of experience, companies that are fully insured, and painters that offer a warranty to prove they stand behind the quality of their work. 

In addition to executing the job perfectly, professional painting services can also make recommendations about color combinations, finishes, trimming, and much more.

light blue hallway with wainscoting

Does Your Home’s Hallway Deserve an Upgrade?  

If you’re considering painting your home’s hallway, or if this post has made you wonder how a new paint color could transform the look of your space, the most important thing is that you’re happy with the results. 

Don’t feel as though you have to follow current trends or even choose colors based on the size of your hallways.

Instead, focus on creating entranceways that make your home feel warm and inviting, and that reflect your personal taste as the owner. 

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