You spent hours scanning the 1.5 million different hues at the hardware store.

You might have even done the initial paint job yourself, standing on a ladder to get those hard-to-reach ceiling crevices.

Now, however? It’s looking a little worse for the wear. 

Is it time to repaint? Or, can you go a while longer before anyone notices? 

Today, we’re sharing a few signs that your walls need a refresh, stat. Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in!

bubbling paint
Paint defects or failure mean it’s time to re-paint

1. Your Paint is Peeling, Flaking or Bubbling

Did you opt for a lower-quality paint the first time around? Or, did you fail to prepare your walls before you covered them? If so, you might notice that your once-smooth surfaces are starting to peel, flake, or bubble. 

This is common in areas of high humidity, such as your bathroom. This is because when moisture gets into your walls, it can create rot and damage. Painted rooms that get a ton of sunlight are also more susceptible to peeling.

Some surfaces have a small amount of off-gassing for various reasons. A good primer can help seal these surfaces before a repaint to prevent paint failure in the future. Primer will also improve adhesion, helping paint stick to surfaces.

scuffed walls that require a repaint
Some scuffs will wipe off, but others might need to be painted over

2. You’ve Got Stubborn Scuffs

You’ve rubbed vigorously with a sponge, trying every commercial and DIY surface cleaner along the way, but those pesky scuff marks still persist. 

They could be from a nearby door that keeps banging into the wall. Or, in some cases, they aren’t scuffs at all. You could be exasperated over a spill, stain, or splash that you can’t remove, despite all of your best efforts. 

Either way, even the smallest smears can be eye-grabbing and annoying to contend with. If you’re tired of looking at them, go ahead and schedule a new paint job! You’ll spend the same amount with your homemade surface cleaners that won’t cut it. 

sun-faded room
Bright sunlight can fade paint colors over time, making some walls lighter than others

3. Vibrant Colors Have Faded

You learned how to paint walls when you first moved into your home, and you were a wizard with a brush. The only problem?

You painted your bathroom a bold cherry red, but now it’s turning mauve. That electric blue guest bedroom is now baby blue.

What gives? The reality is that your paint can fade over time. You’ll notice it more in rooms that get direct sunlight, such as walls that face a large picture window .In this case, you have the sun’s UV rays to blame. As they permeate your room, they can compromise the paint particles and alter the makeup of your paint. Over time, those walls will begin to look different from their neighbors.

Your interior paint should hold up for years. However, if you didn’t use a professional painting team the first go-round, it’s likely you could have missed a few steps or used an inferior paint product. This can quicken the fading process, leading to paint that’s lost its vibrancy, hue, and sheen. 

Paint Colors - Red Dining Room
Tired of the same neutral colors? Try a bold accent wall or dining room

4. You’re Bored with the Current Setup

There’s a good chance that your paint is in fine condition. The only thing that needs a refresh? You!

If you’re bored with your space or feel that it lacks inspiration, why not invest in some paint and transform it? Repainting is one of the quickest and most cost-effective renovations you can do, but it’s also one of the most rewarding. 

Rather than stick with your initial color scheme, take this opportunity to shake up the status quo! Try a bold accent wall if you tend to steer toward neutrals. Or, go for a calming greige if you’re used to loud, patterned spaces. 

repainting a new home
Painting is the quickest way to add your personal touch to a new home

5. You’re New Here

Did you just move into your new home? If so, there are myriad reasons you might want to repaint your walls.

First, this is your chance to make every space feel like you. Didn’t love that lilac purple in the guest bathroom? Paint over it with a deep crimson! 

It’s important to take the time to put your stamp on your home, room-by-room, and a new coat of paint can get you there. Remove that floral wallpaper that screams 1975 and replace it with a coat of paint that fits your tastes, preferences and personality type.

Another reason to repaint is that the original paint might in poor condition, or unsuitable for your family’s daily wear. Walls that could withstand a retiree’s quiet life, for instance, might be no match against your rowdy crew of toddlers. 

Repainting helps prevent mold and mildew
Paint provides a layer of protection from the elements for your home

6. It’s Been Years

You know what they say about an ounce of prevention!

Even if you don’t notice any bubbling, fading, peeling or flaking, it’s smart to repaint your walls every few years. Paint can last for a long time but it isn’t permanent. 

Talk to your painter to schedule a timeline for upkeep and touch-ups and stick with it. Don’t wait until something goes wrong to make the call.

Repaint your space

We’ll Help You Repaint and Transform Your Space

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