Many of us have spent more time than usual at home during the last two years. With the pandemic lockdowns, work-from-home setups, remote learning, and business closures, you may feel like you’ve hardly gotten out of the house since the start of the pandemic. You’re likely ready for a change – ready to breathe new life into your home.

An interior paint job can be a great way to make your home feel brand-new, but how do you know when it’s the right time? Read on to discover some of the top signs that it’s time for you to repaint your house and get a fresh perspective on your space.


1. Paint Is Peeling5 Signs It's Time to Repaint Your Home's Exterior when there is peeling paint

One of the biggest signs that it’s time for a new paint job is that your current paint is peeling. As paint gets old, it can start to dry out and become brittle, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. With temperatures dropping, you may notice that some of the paint inside your house is peeling and becoming flaky.

Depending on how much flaking there is, you may need to get rid of the old, damaged paint before you put on a new coat. Painting professionals may be able to sand your walls lightly to remove this paint. Choosing high-quality paint can help prevent you from having to deal with this problem in the future.


2. Walls Are DamagedSheetrock Repair Job

Whether you have kids, pets, or a clumsy partner, chances are your walls are going to get damaged at some point. Small dents, holes, and dings can be repaired with a quick touch-up coat on the damaged area. But larger issues like water leaks may require more drastic measures to fix them.

If you notice water spots on your paint, first and foremost, call a plumber to find and fix the source of the leak. Even if you paint over a water stain, it will just come back if you don’t fix the underlying problem first. Replace any damaged areas of sheetrock and then give the whole room a fresh coat of paint.


3. Colors Are FadedModern Living Room

As beautiful as natural sunlight is, it can take its toll on your home over the years. You may notice that items that sit in the sun start to look faded and dull as the exposure to light strips away their color. The same thing happens to your walls, although it may take you a long time to notice the change.

Look around the edges of glass doors, windows, and skylights to see if any sharp lines show where the paint color has faded away. You can also paint a swatch of the original color to check if it’s time to freshen things up. A new paint color can make everything seem brighter, cleaner, and newer than your old, faded shade.

4. Things Are Outdatedwallpaper bathroom - before

Times change, trends change, and as much as you may have loved that paint color when you first put it on the walls, it may feel very outdated now. In the 1990s, many homeowners wanted red and yellow walls with wood accents to make their homes feel cozy and luxurious. Today, those colors are almost unspeakable in the interior design world; everything is about grays and whites that keep things light and airy.

You want to keep your home feeling fresh, beautiful, and relatively on-trend. While we certainly aren’t saying you have to repaint your house every time Sherwin-Williams releases their color of the year, it is a good idea to take a look at the current trends every few years. See what aesthetic people are going for these days and update your colors to stay with the times.


5. You’re Ready for a ChangeMaster bedroom with contrasting blue ceiling and wallpaper accent wall

Even aside from cultural fads, you may find that a color you once loved in a room doesn’t spark the joy it used to. Bold jewel tones and patterned accent walls can feel exciting and stylish when you first paint them. But over time, your taste may change and you might find yourself wishing you didn’t have to look at that color.

Pay attention to how you feel as you walk into each room in your house. With the right paint colors, you should feel a little zing of happiness and contentment as you take in the beauty of your home. If you just feel a deep-seated sense of “Ugh,” it may be a sign that it’s time to bring in the painters.


6. You’re Selling Your HouseHouse Painting Can Transform Your Home

One of the best times to paint your house is when you’re getting ready to put it on the market. Bold colors and décor can be a great choice for your family, but during showings, you want buyers to be able to see themselves living in the home. Displaying your unique design style can put off buyers who don’t have the same passion for purple paisley that you do.

If you’re getting ready to sell your house, plan to paint all the interior walls to neutral shades. Whites and light greys are best, as these colors are relaxing, clean, and easy for potential buyers to see themselves living with. If you want something a little warmer, you can also go for a nice beige color.

Plan Your Interior Paint Job

Painted house interior with high ceilings

Paint can change the entire feel of your house from top to bottom, and it’s not a job you should put off. You’ll know it’s time for an interior paint job when your paint starts peeling or your walls show signs of water damage. Fading colors, outdated rooms, and a general sense of boredom can all be great signs that it’s time for a change of color in your home.

If you’d like to start planning your interior paint job, check out the rest of our site at SurePro Painting Experts. We believe that paint changes everything, and we’re here to help you make the change. Schedule a free estimate with us today and start making your home a joyful place to live again.