Apartments are getting smaller. Over the past decade, the average size of a newly-built rental apartment has reduced by 52 square feet. 

The problem with living in small spaces, is that you can feel as if the walls are closing in. It can be uncomfortable or downright depressing.

However, before you allow claustrophobia to settle in, there are things you can do to make your space seem bigger and brighter.

This article will discuss apartment paint ideas that will help brighten up your space.

Mirrors for more open apartment design
Mirrors can add depth and make small spaces appear larger

Making Your Space Appear Larger

The main reason an individual would want to brighten their room is due to how dull colors make the room feel confining. Choosing the right colors is a good starting point.

Thus, for smaller apartments, it is not only essential to look into the right shades to brighten the space but also to look into other ways that can make the room appear bigger. Here are tips to make your rooms appear larger.

– Lighting –

When you allow natural light into the room, it opens up your interior and makes it appear larger. This is because, by opening windows, you will essentially be connecting the room to the outdoors, thus eliminating the feeling of being confined.

If you do not have access to natural light, consider using lighting fixtures for creative effects. These changes are subtle but will make a big difference.

– Cut the Clutter –

While clutter is not good for any space, for small rooms, it can be suffocating. Try to always have the room organized with everything neatly arranged. A room that is free of clutter feels more open.

Also, do away with the multiple wall pictures. For small rooms, a single large painting is better. Multiple paintings make the room feel crowded.

– Use Mirrors –

Mirrors have an effect on perception as they give the illusion of depth. Moreover, they reflect light, thus making the room appear brighter and larger.

Consider having mirrored doors inside the house.

– Proper Furniture Arrangement –

Furniture is responsible for taking most of a room’s space. This is why you should consider using multi-functional furniture. For example, consider having a sofa that can be used as a bed, or have a bed that contains drawers.

Also, consider folding furniture which can be tucked away while not in use.

Look into various furniture arrangements that will allow you to maximize space. For example, place large furniture pieces against the wall to maximize open space.

All these will help you create the illusion of space. The color you choose to paint your walls, however, is probably what is going to have the most effect on space and brightness.

Apartment Paint Ideas

If you decide to paint, it is best to have a professional do it for you. Here are seven home color ideas to consider for small apartments.

1. Lavender

The versatility of lavender makes it the ideal color for dull rooms.

Lavender has a wide array of hues that fit a lot of tastes, from nearly unrecognizable tints to dusky violet hues.

To achieve a more artistic interpretation, consider pairing lavender with black, white, and gray. When you coordinate that with bold blues and purples, you will have yourself an eclectic space.

yellow apartment paint color
Yellow can keep a room bright and cheerful all day long

2. Yellow

You will have to look hard to find another color that can mimic natural light in a room the way sunny yellow does. For better results, opt for light, butter hues.

This is because they reflect artificial light luminously, thus not overpowering the space as a bolder shade would.

Consider complementing the classic look that the yellow interior exudes with warm wood tones and white woodwork.

Blue apartment living room
Blue is a longtime favorite that looks good in many hues

3. Powder Blue

This hue of blue can give life to the darkest corners of a house. It finds its best application in traditional interiors when you pair it with crisp white details, deep red tone upholstery, and dark wood furnishings.

Also, if you have been wondering what the best color for your bathroom is, give this hue a try.

Apartment interior painting job
Gray is an excellent neutral but elegant apartment wall color

4. Gray

The elegant gray has become one of the most popular apartment paint ideas. Most designers regard it as the new neutral. This is because the shade works tremendously for both sun-touched as well as natural light-deprived areas.

For spaces that are dimly lit, consider getting a light shade for the walls while incorporating bright accents into the space with the help of fabrics, woodwork, and accessories, or even an accent wall.

Pink can be playful and soft, but choosing the right hue is important

5. Pink

No other color brings cheerfulness the way pink does. This is what makes this playful color a natural option for dimly-lit rooms. Nonetheless, it is your favorite shade of the pink that will determine its best application.

Seashell and pale rose on your walls will brighten the space while bolder hues such as fuchsia and watermelon can be overwhelming. The latter are best used on accent walls.

Brown apartment paint idea
A mix of browns can be classy and understated

6. Chocolate Brown

You are probably wondering how a color that is usually considered dull has made this list. While it is true that most dark hues make dimly-lit rooms feel even smaller, chocolate, however, is warm and inviting, thus making the room cozy.

To balance out that effect, consider incorporating light accents with the help of patterned fabrics, white woodwork, and pale carpeting. This will prevent the look from feeling too strong

orange apartment living room
Best used in smaller doses, you can brighten a room with a shade of orange.

7. Warm Orange

There are various shades of orange that can get this job done for you, ranging from apricot and tangerine to pumpkin. Most shades of orange are able to transform a light-deprived area into a space that exudes warmth.

What’s more, orange has this uncanny ability to glow radiantly whenever it is lit up by any light source, whether it is candlelight, a lamp, or sunlight.

Brightening Your Small Space

Making your small apartment brighter will make it appear larger and more comfortable. Consider the above apartment paint ideas as you look for the right hue for you.

Are you looking to embark on a painting project?

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