“Never be within doors when you can rightly be without.” – Charlotte Mason

When you think of a painting company, you probably think of the interior of your home or maybe the exterior, but here at SurePro Painting, we like to get outside. We offer many services.

Obviously, we paint: interiors, exteriors, wood floors, etc. But we also offer services for staining old decks. We take your old, worn-out deck and give it a new life, and that’s going to make you want to spend more of your precious time outdoors.

We will professionally power wash, sand, prepare the deck and then re-stain or paint it to your specifications. Just as with paint, you are encouraged to try out a few different stains in patch areas, to figure out what your tastes are.

The choices for deck staining colors these days will blow your mind. There is everything from very traditional transparent and natural wood colors to vibrant blues and yellows.

Here is a fun link to play around with deck colors that are available. Some of these choices are like nothing you’ve seen before, so you might surprise yourself by liking something entirely new and unlike what you thought you originally wanted.

Preparation For Staining Old Deck

All plants and furniture will need to be removed from the deck before we can work our magic. If you are unable to do this part of the project yourself, we are happy to help. Just let us know and we can add the deck clearing (and returning) to our estimate.

Any areas of rotten wood will need to be replaced, and we can do that too. If you have steps, railing, or any wood at all that needs to be replaced, we are happy to take care of it. After all, we offer many other services that go beyond house painting.

A beautiful Outdoor Area Makes Life More Serene

The outdoor areas around our homes that we can enjoy bring so much pleasure to our lives. We tend to spend much of our time indoors these days. To give ourselves the gift of a truly welcoming deck is food for the soul. Adding to it a few favorite plants, an outdoor cooking area, and some comfy furniture rounds out the picture.

Let us help you create the outdoor experience that will change your life. Schedule a free estimate for your deck staining renovation today. Can you see it?

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