The best living room paint colors are like a breath of fresh air for your home. That being said, around 34.8% of living rooms are white.

The reason for this is simple: everything goes with white. And there’s another reason: non-pigmented paint is cheaper, so that’s what most builders choose. The second most popular living room paint color is beige. (About 31% of living rooms have beige walls.)

However, other colors might suit your living room’s personality better than others. We know from years of research that color and mood are closely associated.

The right living room paint color will bring out the best qualities of your living room. You and your guests will want to spend more of your time there.

gray living room

To Shrink or Not To Shrink

When choosing a living room paint color, consider how light or dark each shade is. It will impact your living room’s perceived size.

A lighter color can make your living room appear larger. Gray walls also make a living room appear more spacious. Dark colors generally do the opposite and “shrink” a room. However, darker colors are good for making a space feel more cozy and intimate.

The amount of natural light in a room will also have an effect on the paint color you choose and how it will appear in the space. A living room with a lot of natural light will be better suited to a darker color than a room without windows.

beige Living Room
Browns, golds, and beige are very popular earth tone living room paint colors

Earth Tones

If you’re looking for a subtle yet stylish living room paint color, consider earth tones.

Earth tones are the colors most commonly found in nature. They add warmth and comfort to a room. Guests feel more at home in earth tone-colored living rooms.

Brown is associated with security, strength, and dependability. It’s a safe and traditional color with a sense of sophistication. If you’re into the 70’s aesthetic, brown can give a retro touch to your living room. So will a rusty orange color.

Browns and golds are also a popular choice for a rustic or American Southwest look that is popular in Texas.

Go Green

green living room paint color
Green is calming and comfortable, excellent qualities for a living room

Green is another great earth tone. Green walls are reminiscent of the outside world. Green will make your living room feel more like an extension of the outdoors.

The color green is also calming and grounding. It’s associated with growth, renewal, and life. A green living room puts guests at ease while also rejuvenating their senses.

Attention all house plant fans: Green walls will make your plants pop. Jade green walls especially give a living room majestic garden vibes. 

Some people even believe that painting a room’s walls green will attract prosperity to a household.

Mint green is a refreshing change from more common room colors. A mint green living room will pep you up much like actual mints do.

House Painting - Gray residential living room
Gray is an excellent neutral paint color

Stay Neutral

If you’re not confident in choosing a bold living room paint color, stick with neutral tones. Neutral tones are, well, neutral. They’re a comfortable and safe choice because they go with everything.

Neutral tones include black, white, beige, gray, and more.

A neutral tone lets the other aspects of a living room shine. If you want to show off your furniture or art, a neutral color will make them stand out more.

White is the most popular living room paint color. White walls reflect more light into a room than other colors do. That’s why white rooms are brighter than average.

Black walls create a sense of drama and sophistication in a living room. Not only is black perfect for larger spaces, but it usually makes your furniture stand out more.

Gray is another excellent choice for a neutral living room paint color, and has been popular for many years. It can be soft or sophisticated. Sage green also behaves almost like a neutral tone because it has hints of gray in it.

pastel living room
Pastels can soften a room


Pastel colors have a bright and charming appeal to them. A pastel color will make your living room seem more lively than you ever imagined.

As lighter shades, pastel colors make living rooms seem more spacious. They’re also associated with spring, summer, freshness, and optimism.

Pastel colors can have a soft and calming appeal. For instance, pink reduces anxiety and stress. 

Don’t discount mellow yellow. People associate yellow with happiness. A soft yellow will boost the mood of anyone who enters your living room.

Remember what I said about sage green? If neutral tones feel too impersonal to you, pastel shades have just enough color to add character to your living room.

blue living room paint color
As an accent wall or for the whole living room, blue can be bold, relaxing, and beautiful

Embrace The Blues

Blue is one of the best interior paint colors you’ll ever choose. Blue and other cool colors promote peace and trust.

If you plan on using your living room as a partial workspace, blue is an ideal color. People are more productive in blue rooms.

Powder blue is associated with creativity. Creative people have an easier time thinking in a light blue room.

Some experts think navy blue is the new black. Dark blues are associated with intelligence. This makes navy blue a great color for encouraging stimulating conversations.

Medium blues are like blue jeans because they, too, go well with everything.

living room with red paint colors
Red can be bold and exciting if used appropriately

Delicious Red

Red is an exciting and bold color. Red rooms are inherently more energizing than rooms of other colors. You’ll feel more passionate in a red living room.

All of that extra energy will improve the overall social experience in your living room. Like navy blue, red walls promote interesting conversations.

Plus, people will feel more alert and awake in a red living room.

If you think red is too stimulating, opt for a darker shade of red. Darker reds are more elegant and subdued.

(By the way: As far as kitchen paint colors are concerned, red is a festive, intense, and totally happening color.)

Reminder: Don’t forget to make swatches of paint before you use it. Even the best paint can dry lighter or darker than it appears in photos.

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