When customers are preparing for a project, the most common question we get is about the process to select paint colors. In addition to the color, you will also need to pick out the sheen as well.

Click here for our guide to different paint sheens and their common uses.

Here are the best ways to make your color choices:

browsing Pinterest for paint color ideas

Get Paint Color Ideas Online

The internet is a great resource of endless style and design ideas for your home. It is a good place to get started, especially if you are completely stumped on how to select paint colors. Just browse through and saves links or pictures of what you like the look of.

Sites like Pinterest and Better Homes and Gardens are great for viewing and sharing ideas, as are many other home improvement and style sites. For example, here is a list by Sherwin Williams of exterior paint colors ideas on Pinterest.

You can use the search function to search ideas specific to what you are doing, such as kitchen colors, living rooms, cabinets, etc.

Many of the examples shown on sites like this will even list the specific paint brands and colors that were used. Just be sure when you select paint colors that they will fit the style of your home. What looks great in a picture of an ultra-modern home might not translate well to a ranch-style house.

Visit A Paint Store or Hardware Store For Color Samples

We use and recommend Sherwin Williams paints. They have excellent products, and have numerous and conveniently located stores. We also often use Behr products from Home Depot as well.

Both places can help you to select paint colors with a few different options:

Paint color sample cards
  • Individual color chips, which are essentially a small card with a sample of the color and a color code. Some cards will also have multiple different shades of the same color. These are typically free and you can take as many as you like. Be sure to get several shades of the same color, as they will look different in your home.
paint color book / fan

  • A ‘color-book’ or ‘color-fan’. These have all the colors that are offered in a handy ‘book’. They are typically available for free and are very helpful in selecting paint colors. The colors will often be grouped by color family, and all the color names and codes are listed.
Sherwin Williams Color-to-go paint sample
  • Color paint samples. These are the best option when you are pretty sure about the color, or have it narrowed down to a couple. Paint on the wall can look much different than paint on a printed sample, and we always recommend doing a sample somewhere in the room you will be painting. Samples are typically $4-$8 each from most vendors, but can save you a lot of money by avoiding a color mistake.

You can also get paint samples from any other paint or hardware stores, such as Kelly Moore, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. We can color-match samples or use paint from almost any paint manufacturer.

SurePro Painting Logo

Get Some Paint Color Recommendations From SurePro!

We can help! Although the final choices are up to you, we are also happy to come out to assist you in color-selection. With years of painting experience. we have seen what works, and more importantly what doesn’t. Our painters are painting every single day, so we are up on the latest colors and trends.

We will bring a color fan and talk through different options with you and help guide you through the process to select paint colors that will give you a great result. And we do it for no extra charge!

Sherwin Williams Colorsnap in-home consultation is an affordable way to get professional color advice

Use A Professional Color Consultant

When in doubt, call in the pros! A professional designer or color-consultant can help take the guesswork out of color choice.

Sherwin Williams offers a color-consulting service where they send a professional certified designer to help you with color selection.

For $95, you get a 90-minute consult, list of your final colors, a free paint sample, and a $50 Sherwin Williams gift card (which we will gladly purchase from you!).

Always check with your HOA first to make sure the colors are approved!

Don’t Forget About The HOA!

If your neighborhood has a Homeowner’s Association, make sure to check with them first if you are planning to paint the exterior of your home. Many HOA’s might restrict the colors you can choose, or have a committee that must approve a color change first.

In some cases, your HOA might have a list of pre-approved colors you can choose from. The list should include a “color code” that can then be taken to any paint company and matched.

Even if you are unsure in the slightest, make sure to check first… you are responsible for choosing the final colors, and it is expensive to paint your house twice!