Today, painting a home exterior can set back homeowners an average of about $1,684 to $3,921. That’s the national average according to HomeAdvisor, but it can go up to $6,000 for larger homes and $10k and up for high-end homes.

Inadequate surface preparation can make all this money go to waste though. A dirty surface can cause paint to not bond properly with the underlying material. For paint to adhere on your exterior walls, the surface needs to be 100% free of dirt and debris.

That’s why you’d want to powerwash the house before a paint job. We’ll give you a more detailed explanation below, plus other reasons, so be sure to keep reading!

Power Washing - Prep Work

1. Powerwash the House Exterior for Proper Surface Preparation

Exterior paint should last from 7-10 years. This still depends on your exterior wall’s structural materials and weather conditions though, and the quality of the paint being used.

But the state of the surface right before the paint job also affects this lifespan. The durability of all coating substances depends on how effective surface preparation is. That applies to all types of coats, be it paints or primers.

Painting over dirt, dust, grime, or any other type of debris reduces paint adherence. When this happens, you can expect the paint to peel or crack sooner. You’d have to repaint again, forcing you to shell out even more money.

Power-washing your house is the quickest and most effective way to prep its exterior. With the right pressure, it can clear dirt build-up on your walls. This’ll help make the paint stick to the surface better, resulting in the paint job lasting longer. This is why SurePro Painting always powerwashes the exterior as standard practice before painting.

Rotten trim visible after powerwashing house

2. A Powerwash Reveals Wall Damages

Manual cleaning of your home’s exterior may not be enough to reveal damages like holes and cracks. Dirt can clog these up, which can trick your eyes to think your walls are in good condition. Again, this will make it difficult for paint to adhere.

Also, painting over these damages can cause air bubbles to form. Not only are those bubbles ugly, but they will also make your paint peel faster.

Power washing a house unveils these imperfections quicker than rigorous scrubbing. Repair these damages first before applying the paint to ensure optimal adherence.

powerwash mold and mildew from house

3. Strong Enough to Get Rid of Molds

Molds and mildew are common signs you need an exterior repaint job soon. But before that, get rid of them first as painting over them won’t kill and eradicate them. Nor will they allow the paint to stick to the surface.

Home pressure washing can remove stubborn molds, so long as you use the right pressure. It should be strong enough to chip the fungi off of the surface of your exterior walls.

Note that incorrect pressure can damage your exterior walls though. Water can seep into the materials, which can lead to rotting and disintegration. Mold removal through pressure washing is best left to professionals.

Using a proper primer and paint can also help reduce the chances of mold or mildew returning. Trouble spots should be properly treated and primed before final painting is done.

powerwash to remove loose paint

4. Removing Existing Paint

Not all repainting jobs involve removing the existing paint layer. If the existing paint is still smooth and in good condition, it can be painted over after power washing. But if it’s so old it’s already flaking and chipping, you should remove as much loose material as possible. You can use a pressure washer to remove paint in such bad condition, followed by light scraping or sanding where necessary.

This is easier and faster than relying on only scraping, stripping, or sanding. While you may still have to do these, a power wash makes the job quicker. Surface preparation alone can take hours, so make it less time-consuming with a power wash.

Pressure washing house siding

5. Deep Cleaning Crevices

Unless your exterior walls are completely smooth, pay careful attention to crevices. These are especially prone to dirt, grime, mold, and mildew buildup. As you can imagine, they can make exterior wall cleaning a pain.

Don’t skip these when preparing your walls’ surface for painting! Painting over the extra space they create is bad enough, since that can already cause bubbles to form. It’ll even take less time for new paint to peel and crack if you don’t deep-clean these areas.

Professional power washing can give these crevices a thorough cleaning job. The pressure will loosen them up and push them away and out of the nooks and crannies.

powerwash house to increase home value

6. It Raises Your Home’s Value

Even if you’re not repainting your home’s exterior, a powerwash can still add value to your home. In fact, it can make your home $10,000 to $15,000 more valuable in some cases. So, if you have plans of selling your house, consider having it power washed at the very least.

Whether you’re selling or simply renovating, a power wash can help boost curb appeal. After all, your home’s exteriors are the first thing you and everyone else sees from outside. Besides, it’s better to come home to a clean, sparkling home inside and out.

fresh and healthy house

7. Makes Your Home Healthier and Safer

Molds and mildew can eat away not only at paint, but the entire wall itself. Allow them to breed, and they can cause serious structural failure. That can lead to the weakening of your walls, which can result in their collapse.

Mold exposure also comes with the risk of adverse reactions. Especially in the 50 million people in the U.S. suffering from allergies or the 20 million who have asthma.

So long as done right, a powerwash can help you get rid of these microorganisms. That makes it a valuable addition to your home maintenance program.

Powerwash Safety Reminders

With all these benefits of a powerwash, you might feel tempted to “give it a go”. Before you do, know that wrong handling of pressure washers can pose dangers.

For example, you need to use the right nozzle depending on the water concentration needed for the job. A nozzle that creates a highly-concentrated point of water can already pierce surfaces. That includes your skin.

The amount of pressure needed also varies from material to material. Take aluminum (and some types of vinyl) siding, for instance. These can dent under a too-strong stream of water, causing more damage than good.

Professional Powerwashing Services for Safety and Efficiency

That said, it’s best that you have professionals powerwash the house. Not only do they have the right nozzle types to use – they know which ones are best for which job. They also have the safety gear and tools to complete the job in the quickest, most efficient manner. SurePro Painting power-washes all exterior surfaces as part of our standard exterior painting services.

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