Here in Central Texas, we’ve already had a couple of days that make us realize that spring is just around the corner. When the trees start to bud and the birds pipe up their spring chatter, many people get invigorated as well.

Spring cleaning. We find ourselves tidying up and cleaning out. We purge the clutter and shift our closets around to reflect the change of season.

Do the kids’ summer clothes still fit? We fill bags with old clothes and shoes to pass along, and that’s when we notice the paint in the closet. It’s banged up, scuffed and marked. It’s easy to think, “Hmm. No one ever really sees the closet,” but you do.

In Feng Shui, drawers and closets represent our inner, hidden aspects

I speak for myself, but I assume we’ve all done it. Company is about to arrive, so we take that stack of papers and shove it in a cabinet, out of sight.

But now the weight of the stack has simply gotten shoved a little deeper into the recesses of our psyche. It’s still cluttering our minds. So when Spring arrives, many of us jump at the chance to clean that clutter out.

Spring Cleaning is a great time to consider freshening up the paint. Go ahead! Pull everything out of the closets, sort through it and call the professionals to put the finishing touch of fresh paint on those inner most recesses of your psyche.

Closets, Rooms, Trim… We Paint It All

At this point, you might sit back and consider a change in color to the room itself. Like rearranging the furniture, changing paint color shifts our thoughts and can allow us to get out of old ruts.

At SurePro, we adhere to the adage that change is always good. Studies have shown how room color can affect mood, and something to take into consideration when choosing new colors. With a little planning, you can set the mood for each room as you head into a new season.

Spring Cleaning time might also be a great time to consider other services to freshen up your home. Revive and stain a weathered deck to transform your backyard. Or liven up your kitchen by painting the kitchen cabinets.

For a dramatic makeover, consider removing the popcorn ceilings and replacing with a lighter texture.

There are many ways to liven up your home during spring cleaning, and SurePro Painting can help!

 Let Us Help You Freshen Up Your Nest