Choosing Interior Paint Colors

People often struggle when choosing the interior paint colors for their home. Colors have meaning and also feeling, and color psychology can be an important tool when choosing a palette for your home.

Some people love bold colors in their homes, and others are content with antique white on every wall. When you sell a home, it is often recommended  to paint the walls a neutral color. It’s simply inoffensive to most people, but also lacks flavor that many people seek.

Interior paint colors are tough to choose. We often think that we’ll like a color, but as soon as it’s covering the walls we are disappointed.

Interior Paint Success

We recently painted a house where the homeowner chose vibrant bold colors. She chose a flat sea blue in one child’s room and a lemon yellow in the other child’s room. She went with a rich chianti with peach colored accent walls for the master bedroom.

For the kitchen she chose a bright coral color. The house turned out festive and fun, and the color choices pleased her immensely. The peach accent wall took three different color tries before she found the right one. She went neutral and chose antique white for the living areas of the house.

She was afraid that the deep blue in her son’s room might have turned out depressing or “blue,” but went for it anyway and it’s really quite cheerful. The bold colors made the house more fun and also more modern in the end.

Interior Paint Color Can Influence Mood

Colors have often been described to have certain feelings associated with them. For example, red is associated with danger and passion. I don’t know who gets to be the authority on these kinds of things.

I believe that our own intuitions are far more important than that of others. You should trust the way colors make YOU feel, not the way someone says they’re supposed to make you feel. If you end up having trouble choosing, we do also offer color consultation as one of our services.

A Great Exercise In Choosing Colors

Here is a great method for figuring out what interior paint colors to choose. Get into a relaxed mood and sit down in a room. Settle in and gaze at the walls and also imagine how the room would feel with each color that comes to you.

You will often come up with the perfect colors and combinations. The trick at that point is getting the paint color to match what you imagined. Have fun with it. It’s your home. It’s your space. A little splash of color changes everything.

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