The popularity of various sheet-rock texture waxes and wanes with the times. As you might recall, in the mid 1900’s, the popcorn ceiling was completely in fashion. Fifty years later, it dates a house and to some degree also grosses people out. There is really no rhyme or reason as to why things come into vogue and leave just as rapidly. Perhaps simply making decisions that please oneself will come into fashion one of these days instead of just staying on top of trends. With that deep thought, we can follow with…

What Are The Current Sheet-Rock Texture Trends?

2017 is proving to bring bold sheet-rock textures and paint colors into play. Parchment and suede textures provide a luxurious feel. These textures can be mixed directly into the paint. Sheet-rock texture can still be applied in the primer phase, but texturized paint is the norm these days. Minimal texture is also still trendy; a smooth wall is a sleek option.

Working With Existing Sheet-rock Textures

Another trend is to paint directly onto existing textures such as brick or wood. When thinking of texture, it’s really fun to think about juxtaposing textures in a room. If you have a beautiful wooden wall, you can contrast it with a glossy paint on another wall. If you have old, relatively worn out wood paneling that doesn’t stand a chance of coming back into style any time soon, you can simply paint over it and bring the room back to life.

You should then step back and have a look. What textures would provide a luxurious opposite to what already exists? Something fluffy? Try a shag throw pillow. Something rustic? How about a hand-knitted throw? Mixing textures brings new life to any home.

Simplicity And Minimalism Reign

One of the biggest general trends at the moment is that of less. People are hoarding less, purging more, and breathing deeper in their lack of clutter. This leaves more room for color and texture on our walls, in our houses, and in our lives. Clean lines, soft textures, bold colors. 2017 is awesome.

Have you thought about how sheet-rock texture can change your home?

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