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When you search, “Should you hire a professional to remove wallpaper?” what you’ll find, aside from bordering on comical mis-adventures of wallpaper removal, is a resounding YES.

Here are a couple of comments on the Zillow website for the question, “Professional wallpaper removal. Is it worth it?”:

“I’m in the middle of removing wall paper right now and can see why buyers discount or walk away from homes with lots of wall paper.  Unless someone comes up with paper that comes down like post-it’s I would discourage anyone from every putting it up as buyers will be turned off by the pattern or the time/money it takes to remove it.”

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“Unless the wallpaper adhesive was defective to begin with, or you have a high humidity area, wall paper removal is almost always difficult, time consuming, and messy.  Sure, it helps to have some practice, and if you don’t like the frustration, you may want to pay someone.

Here’s one from the www.bogleheads.com question: “Wallpaper removal: DIY or pay someone?”

“Unless it is the strippable wallpaper that was put on a previously painted wall I have pretty much given up trying to de-wallpaper walls.”

Wallpaper Removal = BIG MESS

Nearly every site describes some of the biggest home renovation hassles people have ever dealt with. Not all wallpaper is created equal, and not all walls are the same. The mess left behind is a huge hassle in and of itself.

The floors must be protected from a big, wet mess, and must be well-taped from corner to corner. Most folks find difficulty not only in removing the wallpaper, but also in getting the old adhesive off of the wall without damaging the wall itself. But the frustration doesn’t end there.

Once the wallpaper removal is finished, you now have the wall underneath to deal with. Sheetrock repairs are typically required, such as floating over divots in the sheetrock or smoothing over sections where the paper wouldn’t fully come off. Then the walls must be primed and prepped for the new texture or finish. Trust us… a wallpaper removal service is the way to go.

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