You’ve decorated and designed every square inch of your space, but have you looked up?

Though it’s easy to overlook, your ceiling is a blank slate, just waiting for your special touch. Whether your style is eclectic, traditional or a little of both, there are plenty of ways you can dress it up.

The key to making a great impression? Keep it on-trend!

The most popular ceiling texture 2017 had to offer might not be the most stylish option in 2020. Today, we’re taking a look at a few modern looks to try, so read on!

1. Ceiling Tiles

tin ceiling tiles

Ceiling tiles can add style and dimension to an otherwise boring ceiling

While most homeowners choose to paint their ceiling, you can also customize your look by installing tiles!

Available in almost any texture you can imagine, these tiles come ready to install. While the installation process isn’t overly difficult, the type you choose may require special installation methods or a significant amount of drywall mud and sanding to achieve a perfectly seamless look.

These are a fun way to add an unexpected dose of personality into any space!

2. Plastered Ceiling

plaster ceiling

A plaster ceiling with intricate patterns and designs

Are you looking to add an architectural touch to your fifth wall?

If so, why not consider a plastered ceiling? You can find different variations of plaster that contain either gypsum, cement, or lime. There are also myriad types of trim available.

Though they haven’t been considered a popular ceiling texture for a while, the traditional and classic look still has its place in many homes.

If you’re going for a monochromatic color scheme, you can paint the plaster and trim the same color. Or, experiment with contrasting tones!

3. Farmhouse Ceiling

Painting a Cabin

A wooden ceiling helps achieve a farmhouse look

There’s no denying that 2019 was the year of the Modern Farmhouse style, and it looks like this trend will continue into 2020.

One of the most notable aspects of this look? Beadboard, shiplap, or barnwood everywhere!

While you might not want to deck out an entire room in panels, your ceiling is a great way to give a nod to this style without going overboard. Your contractor can install a wooden overlay over your ceiling, which you can then paint or stain any color you like.

One of the best things about this approach? A wooden overlay is a great way to conceal an uneven ceiling. It also hides outdated textures and gives your home an instant cottage feel.

4. Coffered Ceilings

Coffered living room ceilings

A coffered ceiling can add interest and dimension to boring ceiling

While farmhouse ceilings make your home feel charming and rustic, coffered ceilings make it regal.

While most people think of coffered ceilings, they picture grandiose mansions. However, this doesn’t have to be the case! While a larger ceiling will allow you to recess the coffers more, you can scale down this look to work in any home.

In fact, there are different variations of coffers that you can customize to fit your personal style. An all-wood coffered ceiling is great for log cabins, while gypsum coffers are more modern.

Want to really catch the eye of your visitors? Integrate an LED light strip into your coffered ceiling!

5. Skip Trowel Ceiling

skip trowel ceiling texture

An example of the skip-trowel drywall style

Love the look of stucco, but don’t love the price tag?

A skip trowel ceiling is a great alternative. A blend of coarse sand and a joint compound, the material is hand-applied. Then, it’s texturized with a trowel, which gives it a stuccoed appearance.

While the look is more Mediterranean in nature, it can complement a variety of home aesthetics. It’s a classic, understated approach that elevates a plain ceiling.

6. Brush Swirl Ceiling

brush swirled ceiling texture

Swirled ceiling texture

A brush swirl ceiling begins as simple, thick drywall mud. Then, after applying the mud with a trowel or roller, the real magic begins.

The next step is to swirl the mud while it’s still wet using a large, dry texture brush. It’s best to let a professional painter take the reins with this one, as a brush swirl ceiling looks best when the design is as uniform as possible.

7. Popcorn Ceiling

Other services - Popcorn removal

Popcorn ceiling texture removal is our #1 request!

Of course, we couldn’t curate a list of the top ceiling texture types without including the *least* popular ceiling texture: the infamous popcorn ceiling.

While we get plenty of requests from homeowners who want to remove their home’s original popcorn ceiling, they aren’t without their benefits.

These ceilings have an increased surface area compared with other, more elaborate designs. This makes them great for absorbing sounds, which helps explain their more formal name: acoustic ceiling.

If you have a family room that tends to get loud, you might want to think twice before scraping your popcorn ceiling. Though the rough, bumpy look isn’t preferred by the majority, they are helpful noise mufflers. Plus, you can always remove the texture and add something different down the road!

Goodbye Most Popular Ceiling Texture 2017, Hello 2020!

We’ve entered a new decade, and it’s time to bring your home along for the ride.

If you embraced the most popular ceiling texture 2017 offered, it might be time for a face-lift. The styles described above offer a contemporary spin on some old favorites, helping your home usher in a new era with style.

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