Are you trying to decide on what colors will work best for your home but you’re not an interior designer?

Looking for a few tips and tricks to make sure you avoid a crucial mistake. Don’t worry, when it comes to color pallets you don’t have to be a professional to nail it.

home color palette tips

6 Home Color Palette Tips 

With these six tips, you’ll be able to wow your friends, dazzle your dates, or maybe even impress your in-laws. As you’re reading through this we want to give an overarching theme and that’s: Keep it simple. 

1. Stick to Three

Did you know too many colors can be a bad thing? 

It’s true.

When choosing a color palette for a room our rule is that you stick to three. When you go over that, your room starts to look something like a college dorm or first-year apartment. 

Stick to three colors per room, don’t give yourself a headache trying to find more! 

2. Love Versus Stuck

There are going to be some colors you love, and it’s not wrong to want a room with those in it. We encourage it! 

But you’re also going to have some colors you’re stuck with for a while. 

Say your kitchen…

You might have brown cabinets and you know, for at least the next five years, replacing all of the cabinetry and appliances is not in the budget. That means you’re stuck with those colors.

And that is okay. 

Plan around those colors and put what matches with them. Then, if you still have some of your favorites left, you can designate them to rooms and areas that work for them. 

3. That Feeling

You know when you walk into a room and feel calm? 

Well, you can connect that to the colors. 

When planning out your home color palettes, try to think in terms of feelings. Do you want the den to feel calm and studious with a mix of dark and rich colors, or do you want it to feel more lively like a football Sunday celebration room? 

Check out our color feeling guide to figure out what will work best for your ideas!

home color natural light

4. Let it Shine

Natural light is an important thing to note in your home color palette.

Take into consideration where your windows are and how the sun is going to affect the presence of the room. Studies show natural light can have effects on the brain and how it functions!

Also, be mindful of which rooms have good ceiling lights and which ones are more about lamps. If you have a dark room without a lot of ceiling light, it may feel darker than you want. While if you have a brightly colored room with lots of windows it’s going to feel extra bright. 

5. Uniqueness

Don’t be afraid to be unique and use color in different ways. A bold accent wall for example can add some pop to your home color palette.

As long as you stick to your three colors for the room, you can usually do whatever you want with furniture and accessories! 

Paint Colors - black accent wall

6. Modern Trends

As technology advances, so does style. And that includes color schemes. 

Remember how lime green used to hot? 

We recommend always staying up to date on modern trends, see what other people are doing, and don’t be afraid to try something that’s fresh!

More Painting 

We hope this quick guide on home color palettes helps you! Feel free to contact us with ideas, questions, or comments! 

If you’re looking for more ideas on home color palettes and painting tricks head over to our paint blog where we post tons of content. We’re here to help you get the best look possible!