So you want to paint the interior of your house. Okay, where should we start?

Gray, blue, purple, peach, yellow, green?

Wait, those aren’t the main colors, those are just a few of the different undertones found in the hundreds of white paint colors available. Yes, we said hundreds of different white paints.

Then add in all the different hues, shades, and tints of all the other colors of the rainbow and you literally have countless color options to choose from.

Needless to say, trying to pick out interior paint colors is overwhelming.

Let’s be honest… when it comes to rooms, few things are more important than choosing the right color. Find out the best tips you need on your interior painting endeavors!

painting wall at home.

Find Your Inspiration

Let’s start with the basics. What’s your favorite color? We’re serious here. What colors speak to you? What colors are you drawn to the most?

Look around and see what your love. What do you wear most often? What is your favorite painting? What colors do you already have in your home?

Do you see a pattern? This is where you can find your inspiration.

The best way to choose interior paint is to pick from colors you love. Forget about trends, forget about the color of the year, forget about traditional color schemes. When you choose what you love, you will be happy with it for much longer than even the most popular trends.

One way to do this is to pick a favorite painting or print. Use this as your jumping point. Find paint that complements the painting, and go from there.

A Few Rules to Remember

Now that you have found your inspiration, there are a few rules that you need to remember:

1. Three colors max. Even if your inspiration comes from a Van Gogh painting, you need to stick to three colors in any room. And only two of the colors are allowed to be bold while having at least 1 neutral color in the mix.

2. Choose the bold color first. Then find neutrals that compliment it.

3. Go for it! Paint is not permanent and can always be changed. Don’t be scared! Paint is not permanent and you can always change it.

Put It Together

There are different color combinations that you can use to get started. And don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Here are a few things to consider:

Grey is for Everyone

If you’re looking for a lighter neutral, go with grey over beige. There are so many more tones to choose from in the grey family than in the beige.

And look beyond just the grey paint cards. You can usually find a grey variation in any color family.

Neutrals are on the Dark Side Too

Think of the denim jeans you’re wearing. They go with everything, right?

Neutrals are more than just whites, grey, and beige. They can also be black, navy, and blue.

Try painting one wall of your bedroom a dramatic indigo color. You’ll be surprised at how fun it is to decorate around that.

interior painting with gray living room

It’s All About the Base

Remember, all paints will have a base color. The base color will affect how the color looks in different lighting.

For example, if you want a red room, pay attention to the base color. Blue red has a more industrial feel, while orange-red is warmer and easier to decorate with.

When it comes to pink, choose a pink paint with orange undertones instead of red. This will help them look more sophisticated, and less like bubble gum.

Interior Painting 101

These are just the basics to help you get started on your interior painting project. Still feeling overwhelmed? We are Austin’s painting experts.

We can answer any questions you may have and will help you get the perfect paint. Need help choosing colors? We offer color consulting!

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