Color is an important aspect of the development and mood of babies, especially bright colors. But when it comes to nursery colors, do the same rules apply?

Nurseries should actually be a place that soothes and calms your baby. Giving them a break from everyday stimulation much as your bedroom does the same for you.

So which colors will keep your new little one smiling? Let’s look at the 5 top nursery colors.

neutral grey nursery
Grey is a great neutral modern color choice

1. Grey

One of the top nursery wall colors right now is grey. It’s popular for its modern yet soft take on a gender-neutral color.

A light grey keeps the nursery feeling bright and airy. Plus, it gives a great backdrop to add about any decorative accent you like, especially when paired with white trim. It goes with any decor personality.

But more people are using grey in a nursery with a modern twist. A darker grey on an accent wall gives the nursery a sense of depth while still keeping it cozy.

going green with the baby's room
Sage and other light greens are a nice gender-neutral choice for the nursery

2. Muted Green

Muted greens, such as moss or sage, are perfect baby room colors. It’s a nod towards Mother Nature, keeping the room feeling calm and comforting.

Since greens feel like nature, it pairs well with earthy tones like in wooden furniture and natural elements. And it works perfectly for a boy or a girl’s room.

Plus, it’s known green is the best color pick for learning environments. Making it a great choice to help your little one through early development.

beige baby's room
Beige and tan are still popular choices

3. Earthy Neutral

Earthy neutrals, such as taupe or beige, is a long-time favorite color pick for nurseries. It gives the room a warm, grounding, cozy feeling to calm anxiety and promote sleep. And it’s easy to use in any decorating scheme.

It’s also great for giving baby’s eyes a break from stimulating colors. Vivid colors and contrast are often used on toys and other baby learning products. So the neutral environment allows your baby’s mind to take a much-needed rest.

A nursery painted white
Painting a nursery white makes matching the decor a snap

4. White

White is the most simplistic and versatile nursery room color around. It keeps a room feeling bright and clean while also letting the room accents be the star of the show.

Many parents bring color into the room through colorful bedding or furniture pieces. A wall mural can also take center stage in a white room.

But you can keep a white nursery feeling light and clean without adding a bunch of color accents. Using different textures in rugs, pillows, and blankets still give the room visual interest while staying neutral.

Classic light pink nursery room
Light pink and blue are classic choices for a nursery

5. Pale Pink or Blue

Though pink or blue aren’t innovative nursery walls colors, you can’t argue with a classic. They’re still one of the most popular colors when decorating for gender-specific decor.

Keeping pink or blue in light hues tend to grow well with a child. Plus, it’s not too stimulating on their eyes, allowing them to relax and sleep better.

Bring Baby Home to the Best Nursery Colors

You want everything to be perfect for when you finally get to bring your new baby home. And with these color tips, you’ll know they’re coming home to the best nursery colors for them.

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