Window shutters add insulation to your home, give you more privacy from nosy neighbors, increase your curb appeal, and are a low maintenance window treatment. 

But they do come with one major challenge…

What color are you supposed to paint them?

If you’ve been asking yourself this question, make sure you keep reading to learn how to choose the best shutter colors for your home. 

Black window shutters

The Most Popular Shutter Colors 

Black is the most popular shutter color out there. 


Because black goes with anything. It can also give your home an elegant, modern appearance. But it’s not the only popular choice. 

White is another favorite shutter color. Like black, you can pair white with most other colors, so it’s an easy choice. This colors can also make your windows look bigger and feel lighter. 

Other popular options are grey, navy blue, and dark green (for natural-toned homes). 

Red window shutters
Bold colors can add some ‘pop’ to an otherwise drab exterior

How to Choosing the Right Shutter Colors for Your Home

Just because black, white, grey, navy, and forest green are popular choices doesn’t mean they’re the right one for your home. There are a few different things you have to consider when choosing a shutter color that will tie into the rest of your property. 

Here’s a closer look. 

What Is Your Home’s Style?

Is your home more traditional or contemporary? 

This is an important distinction to make. Bright colors, like red or yellow, can look out of place on a traditional home. It’s better to stick to more classic shades or white and black to continue the traditional look. 

Contemporary homes, on the other hand, can pull off bold colors. So before you paint your shutters pink, make sure that color will work with your house. 

What Color Is Your Home Exterior?

You also have to think about the current exterior color of your home before you paint your shutters. If your home is already painted a beautiful blue, you might not want to pick red shutters. 

Unless you’re planning to repaint your entire house, you should pick colors you know will match or complement your current aesthetic. 

Bright blue window shutters
Going with a brightly colored window shutter is a great way to add interest to your home’s exterior

What Color Is Your Window Trim?

Your shutters will come in direct contact with your window trim. Because of this, you must choose a color that works with your trim. 

Most people decide to paint their trim the same color as their shutters to make the window look unified. But you don’t have to. 

If you choose not to do this, find a complementary color that will help accentuate the trim. Otherwise, your windows can look mismatched and out of place. 

Getting the Best Color for You

Choosing the best shutter colors for your home comes down to more than just going with the most popular option. You have to look at your house as a whole and pick colors that match the style, design, and current color scheme. 

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