There are many benefits to an exterior house painting project that go beyond simply looks. Protection, energy-efficiency, and real-estate values are some other factors that you can also consider when weighing the costs and benefits with painting your house.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

We will start with the most obvious. Painting your house will make it look nicer. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. We all have pride in our properties and want them to look their best. Whether you are re-painting your house the same color or going with some of the recent color trends, the goal is to make your home look as good as possible.

Some of you might use this opportunity for a color that is daring or bold, while many will be restricted by an HOA on which colors can be chosen. Either way, using high-quality paints and experienced painters for your exterior house painting project is the key to getting great results.

exterior house painting - sidingProtect Your Home

Protecting your house is the second “obvious” benefit of an exterior house painting job, but its important is frequently underestimated. Weather can be a destructive force, especially for homes. The combination of wind, rain, and sun can quickly reduce the life of your home.

Quality paint provides a layer of protection that extends the life of your house. Primer and paint seal wood and slow down deterioration. A good elastomeric paint provides a waterproof layer to protect stucco and other masonry. Caulking and sealing around trim, doors, and windows keep the elements on the outsides of the walls.

Though it will vary depending on climate, shade, and other environmental factors, a good exterior house painting job will typically add 7-10 years of life to your home.

Fixing Problem Areas Before They Get Worse

Nearly every exterior house painting job includes some type of repair to the house before painting. In almost every case, at least some level of caulking and sealing is required. It is also common for there to be some rotten trim or siding that needs to be replaced, primed and painted.

With decks and fences, repairing or replacing a board or two or securing a handrail might be necessary. Simple repairs are often part of a larger painting project that helps keep your house in top condition. We offer a wide range of repair services in addition to our core painting business.

exterior house painting - caulkingMake Your Home More Energy Efficient

Can paint really make your home more efficient? Well, not directly. The paint itself doesn’t add much of an insulating layer, but the color you choose can have a dramatic difference. Here is a great article that explains how color can affect the interior temperature of your home.

(Hint: lighter colors reflect more light, meaning lower temperatures inside. And of course, darker colors would naturally absorb more heat.)

Paint will also help seal some gaps and cracks in your trim or siding. But the prep work is where the real energy savings are found. An integral part of the prep process before an exterior house painting project is caulking. Caulking around doors, windows, trim, siding, and any other gaps doesn’t just make the painted finish look more professional. It also seals any gaps in your home where you are losing energy, while also keeping out pests and the elements.

Adding To Your Home’s ValueBrown and white painted home

When selling a house (or looking at houses for sale), painting the home’s exterior can have an instant or dramatic effect. Freshly painted houses frequently sell for more on average, as most buyers don’t want the hassle of doing this themselves. A new coat of paint not only helps the initial curb appeal, but also in masking imperfections and blemishes and making your house look newer. This article from USA Today dives into how even the choice of color can affect the value of your home at sales time.

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