The painting industry in the United States is worth more than $24 billion and is growing rapidly at about 4% at the moment. What this means for you as a homeowner is that you shouldn’t have a problem finding quality paint professionals that can do some solid work for you.

Painting the exterior of your household will make your home look amazing, and will provide plenty of long-term equity. So what should you have on your mind when you’re trying to upgrade your home paint? We’re happy to explain.

Here are some things you should know about getting exterior house paint work.

blue house - front corner

1. Classic Blues Are Always in Style

Painting your residential exterior blue is always a winner. Exterior paint is the first impression that people get when they see your house, and there are a lot of shades of blue that you can play with.

You can go with classic navy, eggshell, denim, and a variety of other blue paint colors. Actors are told to wear blue at auditions because of its pleasing quality, so you can add much of the same to your house.

exterior stucco repainting - corner

2. Play With Whites and Near Whites

If you want your home to look bright and stay cool during the summertime, white or a similar color will be a great idea for you. White might sound plain on the surface, but there’s actually an entire spectrum of options that you can play with.

In addition to pure white, you might look into colors like eggshell, ivory, cream, and others. People that paint their homes shades of white will notice that they won’t have to run their air conditioner as much, and will keep more money in their pocket each month as a result.

fresh and healthy house

3. Make Use of Eco-Friendly Paints

There are also several different eco-friendly paint options that you can choose between when you’re trying to do what’s best for your house. These paints are made with natural materials and are free of some of the harsh chemicals on the market.

When you buy eco-friendly paint options, you’re getting vibrant colors without the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are often found in traditional paints. You can also look into a variety of latex paint options that dry much quicker and are non-flammable.

black home exterior

4. Consider a Black Exterior

Plenty of people today are even looking into black paint options for their homes. Black is becoming a popular color because of your ability to match it with different accents.

You can use other paint colors, metallic signs, and numbers, and other fixtures to serve as a beautiful contrast to the black paint color. Some examples of black paint that you can look into include Ivory black, Mars black, and Lamp black.

two tone gray and yellow house

5. Try Out Some Two-Tone Options

When looking into exterior house paint ideas, two-tone options should remain high on your list. Putting together two complementary colors is one of the most tried and true design principles, and this is no different when it comes to your house exterior paint.

By checking out these different two-tone options, you can create a foundation for how you will decorate your entire home. Mixing colors like greens and grays together can create a wonderful match that adds to your home’s style and design.

painted white wood window looking into sun

6. Keep the Weather Conditions in Mind

It’s also important that you consider the weather conditions where you live. When you live somewhere that has high humidity, snow, pollen, rain, smog, harsh sunshine, and a variety of other elements, you will need to be particularly mindful about the way that you paint your home.

This means looking into paint types that will still look good in the face of these weather conditions. What’s more, you can also look into some protective coatings that will seal the paint and prevent it from sustaining unnecessary damage.

Choose a paint type that will hold strong against the elements and it’ll help you to double down on the protection that you’re getting.

Blue and green bold house exterior

7. Homeowners Are Getting More Creative With Their Color Palates

Throw out the rule book when it comes to your home paint options. People today are less caught on traditions and are trying new and different things with their home colors.

Everything from plum and lavender to citrus colors are making their rounds with homes all over the country. You can also play with some styles and art philosophies that will allow you to flex your creative muscles and love where you live.

painted stucco house - side

8. Shop for Varying Degrees of Gloss and Finishes

Finally, do everything that you can to look into some of the glosses and finishes that are available with these paints. By adding these finishing touches on your paint, it’ll make your home look as good as new, and will make your home the talk of the neighborhood.

Ask your paint contractor about the different options on the market so that they can make your colors pop.

Look Into Your Exterior House Paint Options

When you understand exterior house paint options that are in front of you, it’ll be easier for you to decorate your home in a way that makes sense for you. Painting your home exterior isn’t something that you do every day, but it’s important that you put some thought and effort into this project so that you can make it count.

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