Spring is inching closer, and the freezing weather is mostly behind us. As the days get longer and warmer, we are starting to venture back outdoors. Spring is a popular time of year for home improvements, and a great time to tap into our house painting exterior services. Here are some ways you can get your house ready for Spring and looking its best.

Give Your House A Bubble BathHouse painting exterior services - Pressure washing

The simplest solutions are sometimes the best ones. When something isn’t looking it’s best, the first thing you should try is cleaning it. This can be done with a bucket, brush, and a hose. Though it is a little easier to use a pressure-washer.

Do you have black streaks or areas on the brick or stone of your house? Water runoff from the roof can cause these unsightly blemishes. Black mold can develop on areas of your home that are sheltered from the sun, and green mildew is a common issue that we see on the siding of homes.

We provide pressure-washing as part of our house painting exterior services. This service is included for free if you are also painting your house.

Paint Your Porch Or DeckHouse painting exterior services - porch painting

Nothing will instantly transform your outdoor space as quickly as fixing up that porch or deck. Have a big party or bbq planned? Re-paint that worn out concrete porch for a fresh new look.

A newly re-stained deck will really make the yard pop. But you are doing far more than just making it look nicer. A weathered deck begins to rot, shortening the lifespan. Refinishing the wood protects it from the harsh Texas sun and storms, helping it to last for many more years.

If your deck went a little too long without a protective coat, don’t worry! We also provide minor carpentry services, replacing rotten deck boards, handrails, and other repairs.

Stain The Fence

Just like the deck or porch, staining or painting your fence can quickly transform the look of your yard. A protective coat will also help extend the life of the fence, especially if it is not made of cedar. Did we mention it looks fantastic?

Perform Any Repairs

Check the trim, fascia, and soffit boards for any signs of rot or holes. When it comes to the exterior, water is not your friend. Fix any water damaged areas as soon as you see them. They will only get worse.

Look for any roof damage. (Just stay on the ground!) Tree limbs can grow quickly in the Spring and pull shingles off your house. High winds can also blow them loose, so do a walk-around after every storm.

Paint (and Protect) The HouseHouse painting exterior services - Stucco painting

Ok, this is the really obvious one. We are a painting company after all! The easiest way to freshen your house and add years of protection is to paint it. When your house is painted, gaps and open seams are filled with caulk. Rotten areas are repaired. Primer and paint covers the entire surface.

With a high-quality paint, you can add many years of life to the exterior of your home. But more than anything… it looks great!

Time To Get Ready For Spring!

Now is the time… it will be blazing hot before you know it. Get your house and yard ready for Spring and Summer. We can help protect your home, make it look great, and add value to it. And our house painting exterior services estimates are always free.

Let Us Help You Get Ready For Spring