There are many skills required when remodeling an old house or building a new one, and minor carpentry is one of them. These skills often complement the large painting projects that we are working on.

Other services - Minor carpentryTrim And Finish Work

This is the area where our minor carpentry skills are often needed the most. Installing baseboards, window casing, and door trim are common tasks when trying to finish out a remodel. Closet shelves need to be installed, or an attic door needs proper trim. We can install trim in a single location, a whole room, or even a whole house if necessary.

Rotten Wood Repair - Minor CarpentryRotten Wood Repairs

When working on an exterior painting project, we often run across areas in need of minor carpentry repairs. A common example is rotten trim, siding, or fascia on a house, or some deck boards on a back deck. Whatever the issue, we likely offer the services you need to get your project done and get it done right. Don’t let rotten trim get in the way of having a beautiful house.

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