Texans love style, whether it be elegant, vibrant, or understated. We like things the way we like them, so many Texans wouldn’t be interested in anything with the word “trend” in it. However, Texans generally like for their things to look nice and well put-together. So maybe “trend” isn’t really the right word. Perhaps we should consider…

Exterior Home Paint Color Schemes That Most Central Texans Find Pleasing? Earth Tones

We might be stating the obvious here, because if you simply drive around finer neighborhoods in Austin, you’ll instantly recognize that Earth tones are the color choice for the masses. Combinations of textures including stone, wood, and stucco are extremely popular.

In fact, newer homes almost always have exterior texture combinations these days, to go along with modern variations in height. When painted surfaces are included in this combination, they are almost always shades of brown or grey. Sometimes earthy peach, rust or sage (one of our favorites) might make the cut.

Craftsman Style Homes Beg A Variety Of Three-Toned Combinations

In Central Texas, we love our older neighborhoods from the 1920’s-1940’s when the wooden clapboard sided Craftsman style was popular. In fact, not only do we love renovating these older homes, some builders still draw from the style, covering the exteriors with more modern siding.

You will see all kinds of exterior home paint color combinations on these, typically 2 or 3 colors. One main color with one to two trim colors is the norm. You’ll see main colors anywhere from yellow or white to dark red or light blue. Pastels are also a popular choice for the Craftsman-style house, with some streets resembling a row of Easter eggs. Anything goes!

Weird, Or Natural?

Even with the “weird” that we like to keep here in Austin, the majority of homes these days are keeping their exterior home paint colors fairly neutral. Some of us fancy bright, cheerful colors, even on the outside, but most of us prefer our homes to blend more with the natural surroundings. Weird and natural are both words that distinctively describe Austin.

You can find more help in this article from Southern Living, as well as this fantastic guide from Backyard Boss on choosing exterior house colors. 

Stuck In Neutral? Find Other Ways To Add Some Pop

If getting bold with your house color is out of the questions, there are still ways to add some pop. Planters are a great way to do that. A large, brightly-colored planter in strategic locations can quickly add some interest. And landscaping is always a tried and true method for breaking up a monotonous house. A beautiful stained deck for entertaining can added looks and function, and lighting is one of our favorites for adding drama to your house.

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