The garage is an often-neglected area of the house. Indeed, many builders leave the garage unfinished to save money. Many homeowners are now finishing their garages to give their house a stylish, completed look. This extends to finishing the floors as well.

DIY garage floor coating kits have become very popular in recent years. A finished garage floor adds style and sophistication to a part of the house that rarely has any. It can also protect the floor in addition to beautifying it. The number of bad-looking garage floors has also increased in recent years, as cheap DIY epoxy floor kits have flooded home improvement stores.

Why To Avoid Cheap Garage Floor Coating Kits

You have probably seen garage floor coating kits from places like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and even paint specialty stores. Most of these kits use a water or solvent-based epoxy that is easy to apply, just like paint. What these kits DON’T have is actual epoxy… they are simply cheap epoxy paint.

Do you like to pull your car into your garage right when you get home? Well too bad if you used cheap a cheap epoxy paint. A car’s hot tires can lift the epoxy right off the concrete, so you will need to park outside for a few hours until the tires cool down.

The durability of the DIY garage floor coatings kits is abysmal, rarely lasting more than a few years. Besides hot tire lift, they are also prone to chemicals and stains, as well as UV fading. For this reason, SurePro Painting doesn’t warranty or even use water or solvent-based garage floor epoxy kits.

Polyurea Instead Of Garage Floor Epoxy

Garage Floor Coating - Armorpoxy Polyurea 2

For professional installations, 100% solids 2-part professional epoxy has been the industry standard for years. It is a very good product with a durable finish. While a good choice, there are some new products available now that have lots of benefits. Our favorite, and the only product we use for garage floor finishes is called Polyurea.

Probably the key advantage of a Polyurea garage floor coating is the fast dry and cure times. With a garage floor epoxy DIY kit, you will have to wait a minimum 3 days before parking a car on it. Polyurea coatings are dry in 6-8 hours, and can be walked on after drying overnight. You can even park your car on it after 24 hours!

While more expensive than DIY garage floor epoxy kits, Polyurea has some other major advantages:

  • No Hot-Tire Lift
  • UV Stable (non-fading)
  • High Stain/Chemical Resistance
  • Low to Zero VOC’s
  • Much Longer Life
  • Fast Cure-Time

Garage Floor Coating - Tan with Flakes

Giving Your Garage Some Style

Polyurea coatings are crystal clear, and a great choice if you simply want a clear and durable concrete coating or a top-coat for an existing floor. It also comes in several popular colors, including black, white, tan, gray, and more. Color flakes can be added optionally and come in nearly every color imaginable.

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