painting a garage - finished garage

Painting A Garage

New garages these days look amazing. They are sheet-rocked just like the interior of the home, with fresh paint and cabinetry. Hooks and pegboard on top of fresh paint and a brand new work bench – that’s the stuff dreams are made of. However, most of us live in older homes and our garages look even older. We get lots of requests these days for painting a garage.

painting a garage - unfinished garage

No matter how old your home is, you can freshen up an old garage with paint and an epoxy garage floor coating. Builders typically try and cut costs wherever practical, and garages are often a target. Many garages have sheetrock with taped seams but are otherwise unfinished. Before painting a garage, they need to be floated and textured for a finished look. Once this is done, they can be primed and painted, adding appeal and value. 

If you have an older home where the garage is mainly old studs, you might consider updating it with some sheetrock, texture and paint to modernize the look. We’d love to come do that for you!

painting a garage - epoxy floor coatingsShow Your Garage Floor Some Love

Another popular trend these days is a finished garage floor. While there is nothing wrong with raw concrete, a finished floor can make it really stand out. This can also add a layer of protection against automotive fluids and other spills that normally would soak into concrete.

There are many epoxy paints on the market, and cheap products can be found at popular home improvement stores. We recommend against using these however since they lack durability. Many epoxy paints are sensitive to heat and can lift off the concrete, sticking to hot tires.

At SurePro Painting, we use only high-quality Polyurea coatings. These advanced coatings resist hot-tire lift and can last for many years. Combined with painting a garage, floor coatings can really make your garage stand out.

Clean And Organize Your Garage

Ok, we can’t help you here! But there’s no better fengshui than to get the inner hidden stuff cleaned out. Organizer shelves and bins can help you put everything in its place and maximize your space. And the best time is right after painting a garage.

While you’re at it, you might consider a color that speaks to you other than white. Earth tones are nice, and gray is probably the most popular. However, garages tend to be darker spaces than most, so light colors work well.


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