Are you tired of or bored with the look of your home? Have you already tried doing some painting with the most recent popular paint colors, but still want something extra for your home? An accent wall mural may be a great addition to improve the look of it.

Are you ready to remodel or revitalize your space? It can be a daunting process, but having a good idea from the beginning is an easy way to make it happen faster.

Consider using various patterns or images to create a completely new experience.

Keep reading to start the creative process rolling. You will find mural ideas that can help express your unique personality.

What Is An Accent Wall Mural?

When you hear mural, do you think of large intricate works like the Sistine Chapel or the Bushwick Collective in New York City? Interior murals can be pictorial or less complex. An accent wall mural is typically limited to a single wall or focal area of the room.

Often, creating one accent wall opens the room without being overwhelming. They may comprise geometric, stone, or wood designs. Interior decorators and painters have developed many new techniques for creating interesting effects, and wallpaper is making a bit of a comeback for accent wall murals.

Selecting the Accent Wall Mural Ideas That Fit Your Style

An interior painting expert can help you create an amazing room.

Your accent wall mural may represent your passion, your experiences, or your creative edge. Here are 9 idea starters.

1. Window to the World

city wall mural

Create a window to the world using a favorite scene or view

Open a small room to the outside world with a window mural. Create the illusion of looking out over the French Riviera or across a beautiful mountain valley.

Or, you may prefer a more pastoral view. The mural can incorporate the illusion of walls and windows. These artists will make you and your guests believe that you are looking at images miles away.

2. Nature

kids tree mural

Painted tress and foliage is a popular scene for a kids room

You can achieve a wealth of looks using trees and foliage. Imagine a tree painted on the wall and traveling up across the ceiling.

In a child’s room, you could integrate bunk beds into the scene to invent a treehouse. You may wish to place the trunk in a corner and use two walls to give your mural depth.

You may also imagine a thick forest of trees with beams of light shining through the canopy, or a wall where the waves are gently rolling ashore. The sand and the rocks of the beach lie in the foreground. 

Or, how about an underwater view. See the bright colored fish swimming and hiding in the anemone. The sunlight streams down through the water.

3. Cityscape

new york mural

Bring your favorite city skylines into your home

What is your favorite skyline? Is it New York, Dallas, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Vancouver, or Seattle? Do you long to gaze at the Hollywood sign in the hills of Los Angeles? Recreate this skyline in black and white or full color.

It may be a daytime or nighttime scene. This creates distance in the room as well as a fascinating focal point. You may choose a city that brought you great joy.

Once again, the accent wall mural can extend to the ceiling. The artist’s employment of perspective will make the Space Needle or Eiffel Tower, for example, reach high into the sky.

4. Stone, Brick, Wood

brick wall covering

Open-concept apartments with brick walls create fun, young looks reminiscent of fond memories or even TV shows such as FRIENDS. You don’t have to pay for the cost and work to have real brick put on your wall.

Interior painters can create many brick designs that you will be compelled to touch to believe they aren’t real. You can have a traditional red-brick wall with windows either real or painted on the wall.

You may like the clean, cool, crisp look of white marble. Professionals can create all types of stone looks including granite, travertine, sandstone, or adobe.

If you prefer a more rustic look, wood plank walls may be more to your taste. You may even want the look of log cabin walls. Once again, these artists can create this image for you.

5. Shapes and Designs

geometric wall mural designs

Patterns and geometric designs can give your room a little more pizzazz

When it comes to shapes and pattern designs, the options are almost limitless. There are geometric, chevron, linear, polka dot, and angular patterns. You may want a repeating picture or logo.

Imagine one wall of your entertainment room with either a large or repeating logo of your favorite team. You might choose the title logo design for a favorite movie, cartoon, TV show.

If you are an aesthete, a person who has a great love of art, music, and poetry, you may wish to express this. The wall could have a great poem inscribed upon it. It could have a score from a favorite opera, aria, or musical comedy.

You may wish to recreate the style of a favorite artist. Consider an M.C. Escher wall that sends your mind into paroxysms of excitement and confusion. Or maybe you want the relaxing style of the impressionists such as Claude Monet’s Water Lilies or Nymphéas.

6. Pictures

Donkey wall art

Have a favorite photo? Why not make it into an accent wall?

What image makes you happy? If you love donkeys, an accent wall mural of a donkey may bring your passion into your home.

Do you see a large close-up of the beautiful donkey looking at you? What about a donkey standing among flowers in a pasture? Or, a several donkeys walking toward you?

How about a large picture of a favorite flower in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe? Maybe a wall full of large leaves. The possibilities are endless.

Are You Ready for a New Look?

If you want to change the look of a room, consider some of the accent wall mural ideas discussed in this article.

This is only a start. Creativity has no bounds!

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