More than any other room in the house, your bedroom should be a restful sanctuary.

There are so many distractions that follow you all day, when you finally walk into the bedroom you are seeking a calming atmosphere.

How can you create a relaxing bedroom that will soothe your mind? Let’s take a look at some trending ideas!

Choosing the right color is an important step in achieving a relaxing bedroom

The Right Color

There are definitely color schemes that promote calm and serenity. Pick one from this selection for the perfect hideaway. Soft, pastel colors are typically the most popular choice for a relaxing bedroom.

Green is a great choice as it mirrors nature. Green is the color of living plants and gives off a fresh feel. Using white as an accent color and decorating with actual live plants, or even artwork that displays trees or flowers gives an organic, serene feel to the room.

Blue and lavender are also soothing bedroom paint colors. They fall into the cool color category and have a calming effect. Grey also falls into this category. Some may associate grey with clouds and rain and consider it an odd choice, but as a room color, it does produce a soothing vibe.

You can incorporate both light and darker shades of these colors within the room. Darker colors can create a more intimate feel to a large room, while light colors make a smaller place seem larger.

Use neutral colors, such as ivory, cream, white, tan, or even black for accent shading and decorating.

The colors on the warm color spectrum tend to invoke energy and activity. Red, yellow and orange should be used sparingly, if at all. Maybe just one as a throw pillow or small décor item.

Be careful not to use too many different colors. It can feel overwhelming if you try to add several shades. Go with just a few to create the calming retreat you are aiming for.

If you need some drywall repairs completed before the new paint job, here are tips to drywall like a pro.

relaxing bedroom with accent wall
A minimalist approach will help you achieve a peaceful, comfortable space

Simple Surroundings For a Relaxing Bedroom

Everyone has a unique decorating style, but when creating a calm oasis, sometimes less is just right.

Keep the furnishings simple. Avoid anything too ornate, harsh edges and loud focal pieces. You don’t need to be flashy to show style.

You can make use of patterns, but just stick to one and only in a few spots within the room. Having a pattern or theme in the curtains and throw pillows adds just the right amount of contrast without distracting from the peace in the room.

Go easy on the amount of decorating accents you use. Peace is not found in clutter. This room should definitely reflect your style, but keep the knick-knacks to a minimum, or move them into another room of your home.

A peaceful bedroom is found in quiet, simple surroundings.

bedroom with seating area
A seating area is a nice touch that gives you a place to read and relax before bed

Create a Seating Area

Many people today use their beds/bedrooms as work areas. They bring their laptops to bed, spread paperwork around and invade their calm space with hectic deadlines.

Most experts frown on using your bed as another desk, but sometimes you just want to finish up some work at home. If you plan to work or read in your bedroom, try to set aside a small sitting space separate from your bed.

If the room is smaller, try a nice cozy chair near a window with a side table. If you have a bit more space you could add a loveseat where you could sit and read or relax a bit before bed. 

The key to a relaxing bedroom is to keep as much distraction and chaos outside the doors. 

Proper shades can help you get proper sleep

Choose Opaque Window Coverings

Window covers do more than simply give you privacy. They can also a tasteful accent or style to the bedroom.

In addition to providing style and privacy to your room, the window covers you pick can also make a big difference in the quality of sleep. Your room should be dark while you rest so you can regain energy and awake feeling refreshed. 

Opaque window covers that offer a blackout option is the best way to promote a night of deep restful sleep.

Blue Bedroom - Interior Painting Project
Create a comfortable space centered around the bed

The Centerpiece of the Room

Your bed is the main attraction and focal point a bedroom. It should completely speak to your style and set the theme for the entire room. 

The main goal of the bed is to relax, so it needs to be as comfortable as possible.

The bed should be the first thing you see when you walk in the door. An inviting oasis waiting for you to dive on in. If you have a view outside your window, you can also position it so as to take in all the beauty when you awake. 

Make sure you have a good mattress and top quality bedding. Layer the bedding to create a luxurious feel and atmosphere. Use extra throw pillows and blankets to design a soft and beautiful place for you to unwind from the cares of the day. 

relaxing bedroom with soft lighting
Multiple light sources can enhance the feel of a bedroom

Let There Be Light

The correct lighting is crucial to the overall feel when designing a relaxing bedroom. Avoid stark, bright lamps or overhead fixtures. Go for soft lighting that creates a soothing atmosphere in the bedroom. 

You can use a dimmer switch to control the amount of light. There may be times when you need more light to accomplish a task in the room, but then want to lower it down for relaxing. 

A great choice is sconce lighting that can be adjusted to the desired amount of light and can be placed to provide it exactly where you need it. 

Ceiling fans are pretty much essential when living in the South

Add a Ceiling Fan

If you do not already have one, a ceiling fan is an excellent addition to a bedroom. They provide circulation of fresh air and that helps in getting a good night’s sleep. 

They can even provide a slight white noise effect that can help block out any distractions from the rest of the house. 

relaxing bedroom

Relaxation Awaits

Your bedroom is the one room in your home where you should feel the most comfortable and at peace. 

From choosing the right color palette, simplifying the surroundings and creating a comfortable sleep space, a relaxing bedroom makes the perfect getaway from the stress of the everyday. 

For more information on picking the right color combinations for your bedroom or any room in your home, reach out