Preparing For Home Painting Services

Preparing your home to paint it yourself is quite an undertaking. Preparation for professional home painting services doesn’t take much work at all. A good painting company will spackle, fill holes, sand, tape, drape and cover for you. We expect to do that work and we prefer to, knowing that when we do a great job on the prep work, the final paint job will be easier and higher quality.

Interior Preparation

SurePro Painting will treat your house or business with the utmost care. We ask that you move fragile, breakable, or valuable items that may be in the job area. For example, you should move artwork, pictures, glassware, and electronic devices whenever possible.

Pictures and wall hangers should also be removed from any walls that will be painted. Furniture should be moved away from walls and into center of the room. SurePro Painting can also move large or heavy items for a nominal fee.

Exterior Preparation

We ask that you cut back any shrubs or trees touching the house or that would hinder the painters from being able to get close to the house in order to paint. Also, pull any outdoor furniture, plants, bbq grills away from the house.

Moldy And Damp Areas Are Critical To Fix Before Painting

If you have a plumbing issue or an area that gets and stays wet after a rain, this is something you’ll need to address before we get primer and paint on the walls. We are happy to help you come up with solutions.

If you have wood rot or mold, you most likely have a chronic problem that needs to be fixed before any home painting services can be begun. We can recommend plumbers, carpenters, or gutter installers, and we actually do of much of this type of work. Just call it to our attention when we come for your free estimate.

Interior baseboards that need replacing, minor sheetrock repair, and outdoor boards that need replacing are issues we can take care of for you. This is part of our comprehensive home painting services. Anything you can point out helps us to do our job, such as nails that are backed out. We appreciate anything you can tell us that might help us to help you.

Customer Service Is Our #1 Priority

Above all, we want to please our customers. Anything you can do to help us achieve that is fantastic. Don’t be shy! We appreciate communication. Be specific. We will take care of the sanding, prep work, taping, and all that goes into getting that final outcome you’re looking for. We welcome new ideas and suggestions because that’s the only way we can keep getting better and maintaining the status of Austin and Central Texas’ premier home painting services company.

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