Earth tones color trendsColor Trends Are Always Changing

The color trends for interior painting this year has shifted from the brighter to more subdued. Any shade from pastel to black, flat paint with a grayer shade has become the tendency. Pastels like pink and light blue tend toward the gray, the softer, the opposite of in-your-face or bold. Bold colors are always fun and lively. Colors like coral and teal are still hot.

However, there is something bold about the not-bright colors that are popular this year. We’re finding a deeper chianti, charcoal to black, gray-blues, and even purple that seems almost black. Whites have a hint of color – blue, pink, or beige. Many Earth tones are lighter this year, set off by pale sea green or deep dark rust. It’s fun to be a painting company. Our painters get to experience a multitude of hues and moods.

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Light Plays An Important Part

It’s almost as if we’ve subconsciously all taken a page from artists of the past, considering the way light will play on the colors in each room, even the mood it will create when we go for the darkest of colors. Dark walls allow for furniture and art to bring a room to life. The tendency toward a more matte finish on the walls allows for other textures in the room to stand out and create feeling, mood and ambiance.

After seeing many of these bold, yet subdued choices brought to life with this year’s color trends, our recommendation is to find color combinations you really like, even if they seem a little scary or unorthodox, and give them a go. The energy of a room can change entirely.

Benjamin Moore has a fantastic web page this year which shows many of this year’s trends.

Both Sherwin Williams and Kelly-Moore’s color of the year for 2017 are dark Earth Tones.


Interior Painting  color trends

A Great Exercise For Interior Paint Choice

Once you’ve honed in on a paint idea for a room, take a piece of paper and a pen and go into that room. Sit on a bed, comfy couch or chair, close your eyes and relax in the space. Take a few deep breaths. When you open your eyes, imagine the color or colors you have chosen. Imagine the way the room will feel at different times of day. If you get a great feeling, you are probably really onto something. If it doesn’t feel quite right, relax again and let the room whisper a color in your ear. Start the process over. When you find the color that speaks to you and feels really good, you’ve probably hit a home-run.

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