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Removing Vines From House and Power-Washing

Removing vines from houses is something we have to do from time to time before painting, usually in combination with power-washing. This limestone house was covered in heavy vines and had a lot of discoloration in the stone in different areas. A lot of work was done before we could paint the trim and soffits and make this house fresh and new again.


Painted Siding On House With Lead Paint

A lot of extra work is required when painting wood siding on a house with lead paint. Lots of scraping, lots of sanding, and lots of collecting tiny paint chips! Make sure to always use a painting contractor who is licensed by the EPA for remodel work on houses with lead paint. If your house was built before the 70's, it almost certainly has lead paint on the outside.


Green Exterior House Paint Project

Green has been a popular color in 2020. We really love how this dark green exterior house paint project went. Lots of curb appeal with this home, and the difference is amazing. This client nailed their color selection in our opinion. For those who are lost, we offer free professional color consultation on many projects.


The Best Exterior Paint Colors Can Make All The Difference

Making sure you pick the best exterior paint colors for your project is one of the toughest tasks you'll face. This client did great, picking out a color that dramatically modernizes their home. The tired, faded paint has been replaced by a quality finish that looks great and will add years of life to the home.


Bold Exterior Paint Colors Make This Austin Home Sing

We paint many houses beige or white, so it's fun to have some bold exterior paint colors every now and then. This Austin home is stunning with bold green siding and blue trim. Extra trim was added to the exterior to break up large empty spaces and give this home a little more dimension.