Houses come in all shapes and sizes, and likewise drywall texture comes in many forms. Due to the margin for error when constructing buildings with wood and sheetrock, slight imperfections would exist in the surfaces of the drywall. Builders quickly found a cost-effective solution to hiding these imperfections: drywall texture.

When remodeling older homes, it is sometimes common to mask the old texture by skimming over and re-texturizing the surface. This results in a brand new surface drywall texture and a fresher, more modern look.

Other services - Drywall textureThe Orange Peel

This is by far the most common modern texture seen in Central Texas, and has been around for decades. The orange peel texture is named that simply because the result looks like the surface of an orange. This drywall texture can be applied from a light to a heavy application depending on preference.

knock-down- Drywall textureThe Knock-Down

Another popular drywall texture in the South, but more often in the Southwest. This texture is sprayed on, then the top surface “knocked down” with the edge of a taping knife after it has set for a certain period of time. Because the final finish is determined by the amount of texture sprayed on, the time waited, and the technique of the person who did the work, this is a very difficult texture to match or repair.

 Drywall texture ProfessionalsThe Smooth Wall

A smooth drywall texture has become popular in recent years and is considered a modern look. Though it doesn’t require any texture to be sprayed on, it generally requires more labor to install and sand multiple smooth coats until the perfections are masked. If you don’t have straight walls, this is probably not the drywall texture you want to go for.

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