Did you know that brick homes are becoming less common due to the costs associated with building them?

If you have a brick home, you might be wondering about the possibility of a beautiful painted brick house. Simply put, paint can elevate the entire aesthetic of your home while also boosting curb appeal.

Are you wondering about your specific options? Keep reading to learn all about painting brick houses, including the cost involved, the color options, and the styles you can choose from.

painting tools

The Potential Costs

The exact cost of painting brick houses can vary based on a number of different factors. For instance, the size and surface area of the house will play a role. A two-story brick home will take twice the amount of time to paint.

The cost will also be affected by the type of paint you choose. A higher-quality paint could cost as much as $70 per gallon. With one gallon, you can expect to cover around 250 square feet. By taking measurements before painting the brick exterior, you can get a much better estimate of what the paint alone will run you.

If you’re on a budget, then it’s possible to find paint that’s as cheap as $30 per gallon. Don’t forget the primer, which isn’t something you want to skip if you plan on having the paint look great for more than a week. A gallon of primer can range from as little as $15 to $40 and is absolutely essential before painting brick homes.

The other types of supplies you’ll need include a ladder and a paint sprayer. Depending on the structure of your home, you may even need scaffolding to safely reach difficult and high-up areas.

You can save money if you do the painting yourself, but after spending so much on supplies, it’s worth investing in a professional paint job that will look amazing for many years to come. The low-end estimate for most professional jobs would be around $3,500, but larger houses with pricier paint could come to a total of over $10,000 or more.

As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay around $4,000-$7,000 on an average sized brick home. It’s best to have the professionals visit your home and assess the situation so that you get the most accurate quote possible.

Painted dark gray brick with white soffits

Color Options

When it comes to exterior brick paint colors, you’ll be glad to know that there are a ton of options you can choose from. If you’re willing to make a statement with your color choice, then you should consider going with a shade of charcoal. This might not be what you had in mind but you might change your opinion when you see what your charcoal-painted home looks like in spring.

During this wonderful season, the charcoal pops and adds a whole new dimension of sophistication to the home’s appearance. Specific shades you should consider include the coolness of gray metal charcoal, the floral notes of green within a gray-green wetland, and the bluish tints within French gray.

If gray isn’t your cup of tea, then you might fall in love with a luxurious shade of white. No matter what kind of bricks your exterior has, a coat of white paint can make them look fresh and clean. The warm shade of white known as crumb cookie can get everyone ready for many cozy get-togethers.

For people who want their home to stand out in the best of ways, the pale off-white shade known as gypsum is a superb choice. If you want something simple but luxurious, then look no further than the mother of pearl paint color.

Mother of pearl is a kind of shaded white that almost looks like snow but it’s also not too white that it hurts to look at it.

Are these colors not speaking to you? There’s a good possibility that a shade of green is more your speed. In fact, green has made a comeback recently, except the shades are on the earthier side of the spectrum rather than bright.

Tan Painted Brick House

Popular Styles

Before painting exterior brick houses, there’s also the issue of style. When painting a home, it’s often important to keep accents in mind.

For instance, you wouldn’t want a home that’s painted entirely white. Rather, one popular style associated with white homes is accents of black. Painting the shutters black can add a whole new dimension to the appearance of your home.

Black shutters are also popular with gray-painted homes. However, you can take the next step further and paint your door a bright green or yellow shade. It may sound too bold but when you see the results yourself, you’ll likely agree that this popular style comes together perfectly.

Did you decide to go with an earthy green shade? If so, be sure to add some wood-based accents to complete the picture. Another option is brown-shaded accents.

Brick house primed with masonry primer

How to Hire Professionals

Now that you have a better idea of your choices, you’re probably ready to look into hiring professionals.

Instead of being intimidated by all the options out there, you can start by looking at ratings and reviews online. This is a great strategy for narrowing down your list as much as possible.

Once your list is narrowed down to the most promising three paint professionals, it’s a good idea to get custom estimates. Don’t forget to double-check their experience and qualifications while you’re at it. That way, you have peace of mind.

Are You Ready for Painting Your Brick House?

Now that you’ve learned about painting brick houses, you can decide what looks best according to your grand vision. Your friends, family members, and neighbors will fall in love with the new look of your home.

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