Trends in home design are constantly changing, and paint color trends are no exception.

If you’re thinking about making a change in your home, updating the wall color is an effective way to enhance any space.

Check out this list of seven of 2021’s top interior paint color trends, so your home will be beautiful and in style.


red kitchen with gray cabinets 2

1. Bold and Rich Primary Colors

Believe it or not, some of the top paint colors this year are bolder and more dramatic than in recent years. Primary colors like blue and red are making a major comeback.

Consider updating your living room walls with a deep red paint color. Then, paint your fireplace surround in a contrast of blue to give the space a dramatic aesthetic.

This new trend in interior paint color may come as a surprise, but many interior designers are leaning toward deeper hues this year. While classic neutral colors like gray are always in style. consider giving your home a bold, fresh look with some of these colors instead.

Interior Design Trends - using purple

2. Jewel Toned Interior Paint Color

If primary colors aren’t your thing, consider some lively jewel tones instead. Luscious shades of emerald green, vibrant purple, and ruby red are all on-trend this year.

If you’re not ready to make the change in your living room, try painting your bathroom in a fun jewel tone. Experiment with different colors to see how each one looks in the light.

Velvet upholstery is a popular home trend for furniture and it’s often featured in jewel tones. Why not translate that same look to your walls? It’s a great way to keep up with paint color trends, especially if you enjoy contemporary design.

Home paint colors - Yellow

3. Lively and Light Pastels

For those who prefer a lighter color palette, consider some beautiful pastel interior paint colors. A sunny pale yellow is a charming color for a sitting room, dining room, or your main living area.

Soft shades of pastel blue add a charming touch to a bedroom or bathroom. You can also try a sweet and soft grass green pastel color if you prefer a more organic look.

Don’t be afraid to lighten things up with your home’s interior paint color. A professional painting company can provide you with samples and advice to ensure that you absolutely love the outcome.

gray painted walls - upstairs view

4. Neutral Never Goes Out of Style

Of course, you can never really go wrong with neutral colors thanks to their versatility. Even if basic neutrals like gray aren’t on-trend this year, various colors of white are certainly found in a variety of interior design websites, blogs, and magazines.

Look at different versions of white aside from the classic stark white. Shades of cream and ivory can give you that neutral look you enjoy while adding a slightly elevated look.

You can also change the trim color in your home to give everything a fresh touch. Contact our professional painting service to help you with your trim and wall color painting needs.

green nursery room

5. Keep it Cheerful

The best paint colors are the ones that make you smile and improve your outlook. Stay away from dull, drab colors and stick to brighter or more charming colors instead.

A soft, uplifting sage green paint color is a beautiful way to add a fresh look to your home without overdoing it. Consider exploring a variety of colors you like, then narrow down your choices when you find one that makes you happy.

You don’t have to cover your walls with jarring neon hues to add a cheerful touch to your home’s interior. Simply look through the latest paint color trends that have an uplifting vibe to them. The happier you feel at home, the brighter your outlook will be no matter where you go.

tan and brown interior paint colors

6. Earthy Paint Color Trends

Many people are leaning toward a more earthy, organic look when it comes to interior design trends this year. You can echo this style in your paint color by selecting richer, earthier shades.

A deep grass green or a vibrant sky blue are both excellent choices. While brown is certainly an organic-inspired color, it’s best to steer clear of this shade since it’s a bit too dark and drab. However, a soft sandy-colored tan is a perfect way to get that popular boho-chic look.

Get inspiration from nature when you’re looking for an organic-inspired paint color. Whether it’s the sea, sky, or trees, nature is full of inspiration that you can easily translate onto your walls with the right shade.


7. Teal Appeal

If you adore green and blue, why not go for a teal interior paint color? This striking hue blends the best of both worlds together to create a vibrant, stunning shade.

Teal looks amazing in a master bathroom or in an open kitchen. It’s versatile and easy to pair with a variety of furniture and decor.

Consider painting your walls teal to liven up your living room. No matter where you add this wall color, it’s a good way to brighten things up and stay on-trend.

Change Your Paint Color, Change Your World

Keep these interior paint color trends in mind when you’re ready to make a change. Whether it’s a lively jewel tone for your living room or soft pastel color for the bedroom, updating paint color can instantly transform the way a room looks and feels.

If you’re ready to make a change and need some help with painting and more, be sure to contact us today so we can help you get started.