Have you ever stood in front of your home and thought it just looked shabby somehow? Do you worry about having to replace siding that looks old and tired? Are you getting ready to sell your house and looking for ways to up the resale value? Is it time to repaint your home exterior?

The answer to all of these problems may lie in a coat of paint. Painting the outside of your house can make your siding last longer, raise your home’s value, and improve its curb appeal. Read on to learn why you should repaint your home’s exterior today.

Repainting your home exterior to protect your house from the elements

1. Protect Your Home

One of the best reasons to repaint your home’s exterior is to protect your home against the elements. Over time, exposure to heat, cold, sun, and rain will wear down just about any surface. Without proper maintenance, your home will become vulnerable to leaks, insect damage, and more.

A coat of paint does more than just make your siding look nicer. It adds a layer of durable, weatherproof protection to your home that will stand up to the elements for a while. Think of it as giving your home a new coat of sunscreen every several years. If the paint on your house has started to fade, it has already lost most of its protective qualities.

Rotten trim - damaged siding

2. Repair Damage

A fresh coat of paint can also help to repair some existing damage while the problem is small. Something as little as a spot of rust, mold, or mildew isn’t a big deal when it first begins. But if you leave it to progress, it will become a huge problem that requires you to replace entire sections of your siding.

Putting on a fresh coat of paint can be a good way to repair this damage while it’s still small. The prep work done before painting can seal cracks and stop rust in its tracks. It can also help to shore up some small weak spots in your siding so they don’t start to impact the rest of your siding.

Rotten trim - fascia

3. Prevent Rot

Keeping up with your paint maintenance can also help to prevent rot from ever starting in the first place. Mold, mildew, and rot like to grow in broken down, exposed areas of wood and vinyl siding, and rust wants to eat away at metal siding. It can’t do that if there’s a fresh coat of paint sealing the surface.

As long as your siding is completely sealed with paint, it will be all but impervious to rot. Mold and mildew may still develop if you don’t clean your siding on a routine basis, but they’ll have a harder time getting a foothold, too.

repainting home exterior adds life to siding

4. Extend the Life of Your Siding

Keeping mold, mildew, and rot away from your siding can help to extend its life by a good bit. Once rot sets in, wood becomes soft and can no longer support the weight of your house. If vinyl siding gets infested with mold or mildew, it’s almost impossible to get rid of completely, and it often will need to be replaced. Even worse, it could develop into a full-on mold infestation that might require very expensive treatment and remediation.

The trick is to keep those destructive elements from ever setting in. Combined with the additional protection from the elements your siding is getting, you’ll have eliminated a lot of the factors that lead to siding having to be replaced. And believe us when we say that a coat of paint is much, much cheaper than all-new siding!

exterior house painting - curb appeal

5. Make It Stand Out

Living in a cookie-cutter house can have its benefits. You get a tried-and-true home layout and your costs are probably a little lower since you’re not having to pay for all-new architectural designs. But it does mean you sacrifice your home’s individuality – or does it?

A coat of paint can make your home stand out from the crowd. Now you’re not one of a dozen tan homes in a row. You’re the home with the beautiful white siding, the blue shutters, and the green front door! This can be a much more affordable way to make your home look distinctive than putting in new landscaping or remodeling your front porch.

6. Increase the Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal may not seem like a big deal unless you’re trying to sell your home. But in fact, it can impact everything from your relationships with your neighbors to your own feelings about coming home while you’re living in the house. After all, who’s excited to come back to a home that looks shabby and run-down?

A fresh coat of paint can liven up your house, making it look brand-new again. All the little problems that come from chipped or peeling paint and faded colors vanish. The simple act of painting your home and power-washing your front steps could make your home look and feel brand-new.

added value by repainting home exterior

7. Raise Its Value

Of course, if you’re selling your house, your curb appeal becomes even more urgent. When buyers walk up to your home, you want them to see a beautiful place they’d be proud to live. You don’t want them to see spots of mold or cracked and fading siding.

Putting a fresh coat of paint on your home can do a lot to raise its resale value. Not only does it raise the curb appeal factor, but that extra damage prevention can give buyers a greater sense of security in buying the home. If you’re getting ready to sell, painting your house’s exterior should be one of the first things you do.

Repaint Your Home’s Exterior Today

Repainting your home’s exterior can bring a number of benefits ranging from happier neighbors to longer-lasting siding. You can prevent decay, protect your home from damage, and save money on larger repair projects down the road. So stop dreaming about it and start flipping through paint swatches!

If you’d like to repaint your home’s exterior, get in touch with us at SurePro Painting. We know that paint can change everything and we’re here to help you make that change. Get a free estimate on your home painting job and start refreshing your space today.