SurePro Painting has partnered with Ozone Clean Texas to offer home sterilization, disinfection, and odor removal services in Austin, TX

Ozone has previously been beneficial in the remodeling business controlling mold and other odors, so this became a natural partnership since we are already in so many homes, prepping many for sale or for new occupants.

Now with concerns about infectious diseases at an all-time high, ozone treatment has emerged has a cost-effective and potent disinfection method. Read more about how ozone treatment can benefit you.


organic home sterilization

Sterilize Your House Organically

In high concentrations, ozone becomes an oxidizer, working very similar to bleach or peroxide. Unlike chemical sprays, ozone stays airborne, disinfecting every surface exposed to the air, including even the air itself!

Best of all, ozone is 100% organic and earth friendly, leaving no chemical residues.


Ozone Molecule

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What Can Ozone Do?

  • Kills viruses and bacteria
  • Kills molds and fungus
  • Kills many common house pests (including bed bugs)
  • Help with allergies
  • Neutralize odors

Ozone kills viruses

Does It Really Work?

Absolutely! Many consumers are already familiar with small, personal ozone generators. While these can help with odors, they can’t produce enough ozone for disinfection.

Our industrial machines can produce a high enough concentration of ozone to sterilize a surgery room to medical-grade levels and are used in agriculture, food prep and storage, medical, and laboratory settings. Until now, they were too bulky and expensive for home use.

Ozone has been tested and certified by the EPA, FDA, USDA, and more


ozone is safe

Is Ozone Safe?

Ozone is a naturally-occurring, 100% organic process. While customers and their pets must be off-site during treatment, it is completely safe to enter once complete.

Ozone dissipates rapidly, which is also aided by our 1-hour post-treatment ionization process.

No harmful chemical residues, no kids toys or pet beds covered with bleach sprays.


Ozone odor removal services in austin,tx

It Kills Odors Too?

YES!!! Ozone is very effective at removing odors from walls, ceilings, carpets, furniture… anything the air is touching! Cigarette smells, pet odors, moldy smells. All can be helped tremendously with ozone treatment.

Ozone treatment is one of the absolute best tools for houses that are being prepped for sale, or on new home purchases… sterilization AND odor removal all in one treatment.


ozone home odor removal treatment

What Does it Cost?

The price varies based mostly on the size of the home being treated, but generally runs about $300 for an apartment or small house (up to 1500sf) and $500 and up for larger homes.

Treatment typically takes 4-7 hours, and discounts are available for recurring service (weekly/monthly).

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