A deck is a perfect place to enjoy cool or warm weather. Whether you’re hosting a family gathering or hanging out with your friends, a lot of memories can be made out on a deck.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Should I paint or stain my deck?” There are many factors you should consider when it comes to deck paint vs stain.

Keep reading to learn about painting a deck vs staining a deck and which option is best for you.

A Painted Deck Is Relatively Easy to Maintain

painted gray deck

When you hire professionals to paint your deck with care and quality, then you won’t have to repaint for about a decade.

This means that you could save money in the long run because, if you opt for staining your deck, you’ll have to stain it again after a few years or so. The reason for this is that staining doesn’t have the same protection against the elements as painting does.

However, that doesn’t mean that stained wood is completely helpless against the weather. A high-quality stain job will go deep in the wood and protect it against the rotting damages of moisture. On the other hand, paint doesn’t hold up as well against moisture and will eventually peel and crack because of it.

Additionally, a clear wood preserve with your stain not only preserves the color of high-quality woods but some also contain a fungicide to kill off mold and mildew. You can also get UV protection so that the wood is protected from graying with years of sun exposure.

Painting Gives You More Color Optionsbeige painted deck

If you’re all about aesthetic, then you’ll probably want access to all the different colors of paint that you can choose from. In that case, you’ll be able to pick a deck paint color that compliments the colors of the rest of your house.

This is why many homeowners often paint their houses as well as their decks in one go. That way, they can have a unified color scheme that simply looks beautiful and vibrant.

Keep in mind that paint will completely cover your wood. This can be a good thing if your wood is old and doesn’t look attractive in certain places. However, if you have a deck made of gorgeous wood, you might not want to completely obscure the natural beautiful wood grain.

This is where staining comes in. With staining, you can control the degree of opacity, ranging from clear to a more solid color. This option is perfect for people who have decks made of high-quality wood with natural beauty, such as cypress or cedar. And you still have a variety of deck stain colors to choose from.

A Stained Deck Is Not as Slippery as a Painted Deckrain on stained deck

“Is it better to stain or paint a deck?” If you’re stumped on this question, then you should consider who is going to use your deck and how often.

In a household where kids are running wild and having fun, you should keep in mind that a stained deck is often less slippery than a painted deck.

The last thing you’d ever want is someone slipping and hurting themselves during an occasion that is supposed to be festive and happy. Some wood staining can be as slick as paint, but in general, staining usually creates a flatter finish that is not very slippery.

If your deck is going to get a lot of foot traffic, for example, then you’ll probably want to opt for staining instead.

Staining Is Not as Permanent as Painting

deck being stained

If you’re still uncertain about whether your should stain or paint your deck, then remember that you can go from a stained deck to a painted one but you can’t go from a painted deck to a stained one.

When you choose to paint, you’re basically choosing that option for life—unless you tear down your deck and build a new one. Of course, you can change the color of the paint but you can’t undo the whole thing and switch to staining.

Because staining only lasts for a few years, you can experiment with different degrees of opacity. After several different tries, you might just be tired of staining your deck or bored with the look of it. In that case, you can easily transition to a painted deck using whatever color your heart desires.

Staining Can Be Easier on Your WalletSmall stained deck

In general, you can expect to pay less to stain your deck than to paint it. High-quality paints and stains cost about the same. However, painting can involve extra steps and coats of paint.

You’ll have to factor in extra costs that come with painting. For example, a coat of primer is required before painting, and a second final coat of paint is often required. In some cases, a wood preservative is also required before painting. Thus, even though a paint job will last quite a bit longer than a stain job, it will probably cost you a little more upfront.

When it comes to wood stain, most brands already contain a preservative, which means you won’t need to add a primer because it will adhere without it.

Are You Ready to Choose Between Painting a Deck vs Staining a Deck?

staining a new deck

Now that you know the pros and cons involved with painting a deck vs staining a deck, you can pick the option that works best for you.

Whether you want to stain or paint a deck, SurePro Painting has got you covered. From painting and coating to rotten wood repair and popcorn removal, we take on commercial and residential jobs so that you don’t have to worry about them.

If you have any questions about our high-quality services, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help.