Painting a bedroom is a great way for teens to express who they are. When they’re not in school, a teenager likely spends most of their time in the bedroom. So the bedroom should be a place they love to be — one that expresses who they are. 

There are a ton of different ways to decorate your bedroom depending on the vibe you want for the space. Read on to discover some ideas for painting your bedroom that can make it your favorite place in the world to be.


When you’re in middle and high school, your room is sort of your first apartment. You sleep there, hang out there, do homework there, and maybe even eat meals there. Your room should have a place for every part of your life, and you can make that happen with a fresh coat of paint.

Pick a color for each function of your room and paint an area in that color. You can have a blue corner where your desk goes and a purple area for your bed. If you want to get really into it, you can use color psychology to pick these colors and separate your room out into its different uses.

Teenager bedroom with red accent wall


Being a teenager is all about expressing yourself and trying new things. You may dye your hair, wear daring clothes, listen to different music, and hang out with new people. Your bedroom should be as expressive as you are, from the color of the paint on the walls to the pattern on the bedspread.

If you have a big room, pick your favorite color and paint all the walls in the boldest shade you can find. You can accessorize with contrasting color decorations, or you can mix a few colors in bright, popping patterns. If your space is smaller and you don’t want it to get overwhelming, try painting one accent wall with this color and hanging coordinating decorations around the room. 

Teenager tranquil bedroom


People say high school is the best time of your life, but it can also be one of the most tumultuous. You’re dealing with piles of homework, drama with friends, dating, and a changing relationship with your parents. You need a space to get away from it all and just relax, and your bedroom can be that.

Find softer pastel shades of your favorite colors and paint the walls in those dreamy hues. If you want some of the calm that nature can provide, you could paint abstract mountain shapes in blues and greens on an accent wall. Pair this with soft chiffon curtains and some gentle lighting, and you’ll have a sanctuary to recover from the stress of your life. 

Learn more about creating a tranquil and relaxing bedroom.

minimalist teen bedroom


If the bold room style we described earlier made your skin itch, you may want to go for a more minimalist vibe. When everything else in your life is chaotic and crazy, you may want to come home to a space that’s simple and clean. The right coat of paint can be the perfect subtle background to your minimalist haven.

Pick a soft white or a very pale pastel blue or green and paint all the bedroom walls the same color. Pick one or two pieces of complimentary art with simple styles and hang those on the wall. Opt for a solid-color bedspread and simple furniture in the rest of your room.

nautical themed teen bedroom


Part of discovering your personality—as we discussed earlier—is finding things you’re passionate about. That may be a band, a TV show, an actor, or a book series. What if your bedroom could be a shrine to that passion of your life?

Find one or two colors that represent the thing you’re passionate about. If it’s a sports team, use one of their colors; if it’s a band, maybe look at the cover of your favorite album. Paint your bedroom in those colors, and get themed decorations that reflect the thing you’re excited about.

teenage bedroom with chalkboard wall


When you’re in high school, you may not be able to pick just one thing you’re passionate about. This week, you may be in love with Lil Nas X, and next week, you may be all about Lizzo. Your bedroom should be as adaptable as your tastes are.

Painting a bedroom isn’t always about painting a color. You can also paint a wall to make it into a chalkboard that you can change whenever you want.

It can be decorated with different things you love at that time. You can also use the chalkboard as a place to keep up with assignments, parties, and appointments. Your room will be yours to make it what you want.

retro teenager bedroom


Sometimes the best things are also the oldest, and in recent years, retro has become cool again. You may want to take some old decorating styles and put your own modern spin on them. Pick an era, grab a paintbrush, and get ready to make your room a blast from the past.

If the sixties are your aesthetic, use bright oranges, turquoise blues, and bold yellows to paint your walls. You can introduce some flower power vibes or go more to the boho route. If you like the eighties look, get lots of bold primary colors and geometric patterns going.

orange white bedroom

Find More Ideas for Painting Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be the one space in your house that’s all your own. Painting your bedroom can help you make the space what you want it to be, whether that’s bold or chill or anything in between.

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