Did you know that the human brain is instinctually wired to look for, process, and like patterns? Our brains like them so much that we think we see patterns even when they aren’t there.

Interior design trends are embracing this love of patterns and going bold. You’re thinking great, I’ll buy a new pillow and throw it on the couch, it’s time to go bigger and bolder.

Patterns and colors are taking over and they are doing it in new places. Where, you ask, could that be?

We’re glad you asked! We’ve got 7 up and coming interior design trends that you can expect to see in the coming year.

1. Statement Ceilings and Floors

Gone are the days of plain white ceilings! Don’t settle for plain old boring floors either.

Go for a bold color or geometric pattern on either the ceiling or the floor to give your room a modern fresh look. By placing the bold statement on the ceiling or floor you can keep the rest of the room’s design minimal.

If you’d like to try a pattern on your ceiling, consider using a patterned wallpaper. This will make the project much easier than trying to paint a geometric design.

Accent Wall - Interior Design trends

2. Back in Black

Black is making a comeback in a big way by making appearances on furniture, prints, walls, and fixtures. You can pretty much expect to see it everywhere.

Don’t let yourself believe the common belief that black will make your room seem smaller. The key to making black elegant and not goth is to pair it with lighter and brighter colors.

If you decide you want a black wall, go for bright furniture. Or if you would like black furniture, place it against a wall of a bright shade.

The contrasting shades and colors will give your room dimension which will make the space seem larger.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is probably the last place you would think to try this trend. However, that is exactly what the latest interior design trends are doing.

The latest trends in kitchen design are rejecting the traditional white and going for a more subdued palette. To try out this trend, paint your cabinets a bold shade and incorporate more natural tones into your kitchen.

Take a look at your fixtures and use the darker theme to really be bold. You could even try the next trend of mixing metals to create a unique statement.

Interior Design Trends - mixed metals

3. Mixed Metals

Did your mother ever tell you to not mix your silver and gold jewelry in a single outfit? Well, that same thinking used to get applied to your home’s fixtures.

That’s out and people are mixing their metals to create distinctive and stylish designs. This has become even easier with a larger variety of metals available for home fixtures.

You’ve probably noticed that copper and rose gold have been the go-to finishes as of late. Well, homeowners are taking these looks to the next level by pairing them together in a single room.

Try using rose gold for the plumbing fixtures in a bathroom. Then use copper for the lighting fixtures in that same room.

Interior design trends - using green

4. Mother Nature in Your Home

Turn your home into a botanical oasis by bringing mother nature inside. First, start with some warm wood furniture pieces. You can also use stone pieces to accent the space. Just remember that stone can be heavy and sometimes feel cold in a room.

Once you have the main elements, bring lush greens in. This could be actual plants. It could also mean you shades of green accessories. Or maybe a leafy green patterned material for things like the drapes or a comforter.

For a truly luxurious feel, you can pair dark wood with a marble and shades of green. You could also go for a rich green tile to give the room a more botanical feel.

Interior Design Trends - wallpaper

5. No More Boring Walls

Just like your ceilings and floors, people are bringing patterns back to their walls. This is easier than ever with the developments in wallpaper lately.

It used to be that if you wanted to wallpaper your walls you’d have to use messy glue and line up and trim your paper. It was a hassle and an all-day messy project.

Now all you have to do is peel and stick! Your options for color and patterns are endless too. On the flip side, you may have old wallpaper that needs to be removed. We can do that as well.

6. Maximalism, the Opposite of Minimalism

This trend is not for the faint of heart or interior design beginner. The key to pulling off this trend is knowing how to pair many bold prints and colors together in a way that works.

For this look to work, you need to commit – bold color on the walls, statement furniture, brightly patterned accessories. Don’t just throw the kitchen sink at it though, or you’ll end up with a jumbled mess and not a thoughtfully designed space.

Interior design trends - using purple

7. Purple

The latest “it” color is purple. Following in the trend of bold, this color is one to go all out with. Think purple walls, furniture, sofa, accessories.

The key to making this trend work is to vary the shades. Don’t think monochromatic. This is where painting an accent wall can come into play.

Use a darker plum on your walls while your sofa could be a lighter lavender shade. Then accent the space with varying color in between.

Wrapping Up on Interior Design Trends

We can sum up the coming interior design trends with one word: BOLD. Decorating your home is all about making a statement these days.

Don’t be afraid to use bold patterns and colors in your decorating. Both black and purple are two statement colors that are seeing a rise in popularity.

Mix and match things that you have traditionally thought shouldn’t get used together. This goes for your patterns, metals, and colors.

Let us help you try one of these trends in your home with our superior interior painting services