As part of our comprehensive exterior painting services, we also offer power washing and mildew removal services. Whether you need a house, driveway, or porch cleaned, we can get the job done. Whether you are removing mildew or just trying to freshen your house up for Spring, power-washing can instantly improve the look of your home.

Power Washing - Prep WorkPower Washing: Prep For Painting

In order for paint to bond properly to a surface, that surface must be clean and free of dirt, dust, and other particles. We use power washing as the first step in our preparation for painting the exterior of a house. The project area that we will be working on is thoroughly cleaned, whether it is the siding of a wood or stucco house, a deck being re-stained, or porch being painted. This service is already factored into the price of the painting job.

Power Washing Driveways and Porches

Hard surfaces like driveways, porches, and sidewalks need to be cleaned from time to time. This is especially true when the area is shaded or gets frequent persistent moisture. These spots can see some mildew growth and can become a slip hazard over time, especially when wet.

Porches get a lot of traffic and tend to trap dirt. This dirt clogs the porous surface of the concrete and makes it slick in the rain. A good power washing can remove this dirt and improve the traction of the porch. The improvement of the look of your porch will be instant and obvious. This is also a standard step when having your porch or other concrete surface painted.

Power washing - mildew on sidingRemoving Mildew From Siding

Mildew growth on siding is a common problem. The issue is increased in areas with extra moisture and shade, typically on the North side of a side (but not always). Vinyl siding is especially prone to mildew issues, though all types of siding can be affected.

Using a combination of a solution and power washing, we remove and kill the mildew so its chances of growing back are much less. And best of all, the solution is non-toxic and safe for pets. If the affected area is intended to be painted, we also prime it with a primer that uses a mold inhibitor.

Power Washing - DeckBringing a Deck or Fence Back to Life

Power washing a deck or fence can bring almost instant gratification. Many decks might appear to need to be refinished, but oftentimes they just need a good cleaning.

Removing the buildup of dirt and grime can let the wood breathe and extend the life. If you are also having SurePro stain or refinish the deck, the power washing service will already be included in your estimate.


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